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Flat Lay Styling Masterclass

to empower every single artist with the tools to style flat lays with ease.

to help you get published and attract those hard to reach luxury clients of your dreams.

to change the way you think and see composition on an intrinsic level!

 The course kicks off with the:

 10 Rules of Composition 

Learn how to use composition to make your flat lays more engaging and dynamic, 
no matter the situation! 

Learn how to analyze your work, identifying exactly what you need to improve and how to implement it.

The entire course is built around the idea of: 

the study of how our brains interpret imagery

By learning HOW we all read images, you will learn WHY we universally like certain photos.

Art may be subjective, but composition is not. Composition is universal!

Learn to create objectively amazing flat lays!

You will learn WHY one flat lay is stronger than another and HOW to easily create those types of flat lays yourself! 

You will learn to break flat lays down and just like a muscle, build them back up stronger.

Turn Art into a Science

Increase your chances of getting published 10x over with stunning flat lays - a necessity for all the major luxury publications.

STOP tirelessly chasing down your ideal client and START attracting them to you.

Get ready to become a

You are the only thing standing in the way of your dreams. 

Wipe away your self-doubt.

Wipe away your fear.

Wipe away your limiting beliefs.

No more excuses!

As all my magazine editors said to me for years when I worked in fashion & editorial photography...


Are you ready to make amazing flat lays?!

Are you ready to manifest the career AND salary of your dreams?!

Are you ready to turn this into that?!

How amazing is this before and after by Rich of Chard Photo?!

Here's what Rich had to say about my masterclass:

Even if I don’t have a ton of time on the morning of the wedding day to set up an elaborate flat lay, Rebecca’s course has given me the confidence and know-how to walk into the room and set up something gorgeous in such a short amount of time. She breaks everything down in a way that is simple to understand and easy to remember when everyone is frantically getting ready. She’s a brilliant educator! 

- Rich Lander, Chard Photo

It's time to stop dreaming and make your dreams your reality!

So are you ready to join me?

Flat Lay Master!

My goal is for you to discover your artistic voice, giving you the tools to create incredible flat lays with your own unique flare that will fulfill your artistic soul and dazzle both editors and your clients. 

Whether you're dreaming of seeing your images in the industry's top publications or wanting to break out of a monotonous rut and attract your ideal high paying client whose out there just waiting for you, my flat lay courses were made for YOU!

They were designed to re-wire your brain, teaching you not just HOW to make great flat lays but WHY a flat lay is great! No more stumbling into flat lays you love with no clue why or how to recreate it. I'm turning art into a science- training your brain to create the perfect frame!

Your artistry makes you worth your price tag.

Whether you're a wedding planner, designer, stationery designer, fashion stylist, photographer, still life stylist, blogger, content creator or just want to learn to create amazing flat lays, this course is for YOU!

 I'll teach you to blend your unique artistic talent that makes you YOU with the foundations of composition and you can become a desirable in-demand commodity.

And the amazing thing about supply and demand?

The more demand, the higher your price!

Build your business by creating amazing work.

Work smarter not harder.

Work less, earn more.

What are you waiting for?!

I'm Ready to Let Myself Shine!


My name is Rebecca Yale and I've been a professional photographer for 10+ years shooting everything from weddings to wildlife in 50+ countries. I've been honored to have my work featured in hundreds of publications and was named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper's Bazaar, Brides and Destination Weddings Magazines. I studied photography, art history and aesthetic philosophy at NYU and have turned everything I learned there and from my time working in the field into a masterclass to empower YOU to create the strong, dynamic, powerful imagery you've always wanted to create.

Within my first 3 years as a wedding photographer I built a six-figure business and had been published in my dream publications including Martha Stewart and Style Me Pretty. I built my business on the simple principle of being the absolute best wedding photographer I could be, focusing on creating incredible imagery and instead of tirelessly chasing after my ideal client, I created my ideal work, attracting them to me and I can't wait to teach you to do the same by elevating your portfolio with flawless flat lays! Best of all? You'll learn to create it with ease! 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rebecca Yale's 4-Part

Flat Lay Styling Masterclass

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Flat Lay Masterclass

I'm Ready to Level Up!


is comprised of 4 videos:

Introduction: In Depth 10 Rules of Composition (1 hour)

Course One: Wedding Day Paper Goods (~90 minutes)

Course Two: Bride and Groom Personals & Rings (~90 minutes)

Course Three: One Full Wedding Day of Cohesive Details (~90 minutes)

The flat lay masterclass combines lecture on composition, balance, color, flow and movement with behind the scenes video of the creation of 100+ flat lays!

Learn how to style wedding day details to create dynamic imagery to dazzle editors and clients with absolute ease! Develop your own style by learning the basic building blocks of composition, which you can then implement to create your own works of flat lay art!  

Are you ready to turn this into that?!

The majority of you will say the first image is stronger than the second image.

But do you know WHY?

I'll teach you how to EASILY answer that question and by doing so you'll never make images like the one on the left again!

That's the magic of semiotics! Once you see something...

You can NEVER unsee it!

So are you ready to change the way you see flat lays forever?

I'm SO ready!
Take me to the course already!!!

Once you learn WHY an image is stronger, you'll learn HOW to make it, and you'll continue making images like it with ease!

But don't take my word for it! 

See my students INCREDIBLE transformations below and hear what they have to say about my Masterclass!

Before & After

Rebecca is a masterful photographer. She has unbelievable talent while also having the ability to instruct and educate others very well. All of her courses are a must-have for the wedding photographer looking to step up to the next level or one that is pursuing a more fine art style of photography. There are so many actionable items I walked away with from her courses. Items I was able to put into practice immediately at my next wedding. Above all else, I believe she worked incredibly harder on these courses and her goal is to produce industry-leading, beneficial content that will teach and train the next generation of photographers.

-Philip Casey, Wedding Photographer

Check out this amazing DM we received on Instagram from Mariela of Care Studios:

Rebecca Yale's course is an eye opening experience for any photographer, planner or creative who is looking to book more clients and get published. As editors, we are constantly on the hunt for beautiful and diverse weddings. We want to publish weddings that take our readers on a journey of their special day and showcase the personalized elements that are unique to the couple. Rebecca not only explains how to create incredible detail shots using basic composition guidelines but she also dives into how to create these photos to tell a cohesive color palette and story line. After taking this course, you will have a new perspective on weddings you photograph. Your images will establish a narrative that are a perfect selling point for all publications!

-Sarah Love, former photo editor at The Knot Magazine and creative consultant.

Rebecca is quite literally the flat lay master! What a gift it is to look behind the scenes and see her process for creating her beautiful scenes. There is so much craft that goes into flat lays and I will forever admire the styling ability of a photographer who can really nail styling and photographing the details. It's what all the magazines are looking for and it's such an important skill for the photographers we hire to have. 

-Shannon Leahy, named one of the best wedding planners in the country by Martha Stewart Magazine

My favorite part about your e-course is that you’re basically reading my mind, teaching the skills every editor wishes photographers, stylists and designers knew — how to make every detail a gorgeous moment worth a second-look.

-Gabrielle Hurwitz, former head of social media at Style Me Pretty and bridal stylist

"Rebecca!! THANK YOU! I am so inspired by The Flat Lay Styling Course! Often education in our industry feels inspirational only or barely skims the surface on top of a topic- not this! Its packed FULL of knowledge starting with the fundamentals. I loved learning not only HOW to create better flat-lays but the reason WHY it is more appealing to the eye! Handy reference guides at the end of each course with time stamps are a great tool when going back to reference a particular topic, too! I am excited to go into the wedding season ready to style all the pretty little details we work so hard to create with our clients all year. The course goes beyond just invitation styling - loved learning how to style those often difficult 3D welcome bags! Your course has given me the confidence to be a better partner with our photographers. I highly recommend this course for all planners!"

-Emily Butler, Karson Butler Events,
world renowned wedding planners

If you're a wedding photographer:
 You can purchase the flat lay course here or head over to my Wedding Photography Academy coming in early 2021! The brand new 10-part Masterclasses, Weddings 101 & 201, includes all of the content in my flat lay courses PLUS so much more about the art and business of wedding photography! If you already own any of my courses or are looking to buy one now before Weddings 101 and 201 launches I will be offering discounts to those who have already invested in my education.

The Wedding Photography Academy

The Flat Lay Styling Masterclass

is comprised of 4 videos:

Introduction: In Depth 10 Rules of Composition (1 hour)

Course One: Wedding Day Paper Goods (~90 minutes)

Course Two: Bride and Groom Personals & Rings (~90 minutes)

Course Three: One Full Wedding Day of Cohesive Details (~90 minutes)

The $750 Complete Masterclass includes all 3 course videos PLUS the Introduction and the bonus flat lay styling practice file.

The $150 Introduction Course includes the 1 hour 10 Rules of Composition video. You can upgrade to the Complete Masterclass within 6 months of purchasing the Introduction Course.

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Why Should I care about Flat Lay Styling?

According to Two Bright Lights 70% of potential clients qualify their potential photographer by viewing their published work. Being published adds credibility and validation to your work and helps you increase your prices, plus it’s free marketing of your wedding portfolio and gets your fantastic work in front of thousands upon thousands of potential clients! As any editor will tell you, getting published is all about good detail images. Blogs and magazines are looking for new and interesting inspiration to share with their readers and inspiration means details! Well done details can 100% make or break a submission. And details are about way more than just getting published! They establish a narrative for the wedding day telling a cohesive story and when done mindfully, act as ephemeral touch points to your clients, unlocking their wedding day memories. Each of my client’s wedding albums, which I show in course three, open with their detail images. Brides and grooms spend months- if not years- planning those details- and with the rise of more and more publications, couples are caring more and more about those detail images.

I have limited education dollars, why is this a good investment?

I believe education should have a high ROI. Every dollar invested in education should come back to you many times over as you build your business. That is why I have spent years crafting my masterclasses, testing them and re-working them, to make sure that my students walk away with a solid foundation of skills that won’t just help them take pretty photos, but will help them transform their careers and reach their business goals. It's an easy equation! Flat lays are a necessity for getting published in 90% of the luxury wedding publications and getting published puts your work squarely in front of your ideal luxury client! Getting published also gives you credibility and builds your reputation and demand for your business, which means you can raise your prices! The goal of these courses are to make sure you get a good ROI- working smarter NOT harder- so you can earn MORE while working LESS and find more time to put some life back into your work-life balance!

Who is this course for? Is it only for photographers?

This course is for anyone and everyone! I've had rave reviews from planners, designers, photographers, stationery designers, instagrammers, bloggers, content creators, influencers and so many more! This course is simply for anyone who wants to level up his or her flat lay game and add a luxurious polish to their portfolio.

I'm a hands on learner, I’d rather take a live course than an online one. How will I learn from this?

I completely understand this and feel the same way! I need to see and touch things to internalize them! I started this course as a live in person class originally and I realized quickly that there was more demand than I could fulfill- any way beyond Los Angeles- so I spent a long time figuring out how to not only recreate, but enhance the in person experience and I 100% believe this does! The in person class only has time for an hour of lecture and once it’s over it’s over, whereas here you have the opportunity to go back and watch things over and over again! The course isn’t meant to be watched just once- each course comes with a reference sheet PDF that gives the exact time stamp of each concept and image so you can refer back to a technique or concept with ease. And after the course you can pair up with a local stationery designer or get some free samples from minted and try your hand at it and share them in my facebook group and get feedback not just from me, but from an amazing community of support!

I know workshops with styled shoots can be tempting to build a portfolio and this one doesn’t include any hands on shooting, but it will teach you the skills necessary to turn your flat lays from every single wedding or shoot into portfolio-worthy works of art. 

What’s the difference between the courses? Should I buy the full course or start with the Introduction?

This is a great question! You'll save $100 by purchasing the full course upfront, but you can always upgrade to the full course within 6 months of purchase.

The complete course is made up of 4 videos: a 60 minute introduction that goes over the rules of composition and three approximately 90 minute courses that break down how I apply the principles of composition to different items. All three courses are split between lecture on design and composition at the beginning and the second half features live demos of my styling process shot from above while I explain exactly what I'm doing. Be sure to check out our trailer above to see more.

Course 1 is all wedding day paper details- invitations, save the dates, menus, vow books, welcome bags, etc. I show how to style the same suite in multiple ways and give examples of both with and without paper and the dreaded- one card challenge, which is how to create a dynamic and engaging image with just a one piece suite- and double challenge with no flowers!

Course 2 is about the Bride and Groom Personal Details as well as wedding rings and shows multiple options of different types of shoes and accessories. The course teaches basic principles rather than exact formulas so you can make them your own and use them in any situation you encounter.

Course 3 is all the details from one full wedding day, and I demonstrate how to make a cohesive collection with a focus on getting published and creating stronger work for your clients albums.  It features pages from my clients' real wedding albums as well as my tear sheets from national publications and contact sheets of my submissions, teaching how I weave my detail images into those submissions.

The Introduction can be purchased on its own or comes with full masterclass and includes an hour long deep dive into the 10 foundations of composition and how to apply them to your flat lays. These compositional truths can be used to create incredible imagery, because all of our brains already know them subconsciously! By harnessing their power, we can create universally appreciated, objectively stronger imagery that will capture our client's attention. You'll save $100 by purchasing the full masterclass now, but if you want to start out with the introduction for now, you can upgrade to the full course within 6 months of purchase.

I'm a photographer and I want to buy your new Weddings 101 & 201 Masterclasses, should I hold off to make the purchase?

It's up to you and when you want the content! The entire Flat Lay Masterclass has been incorporated into Weddings 101 and 201, I've introduced SO much new content that I’ve been hard at work on for the last two years, but never made available till now. If you’ve already purchased one or more of my courses, you can email me at help@rypweddingphotographyacademy.com, with a copy of your receipt(s) and exactly which courses you’ve purchased and I will send you a unique discount code for my new masterclasses. Please note, you must have purchased the course directly from me to be eligible for the discount, it is not available for courses purchased through any third party bundles. I'm doing my best to keep all my courses affordable so I won't be able to give an exact 1:1 credit, but I will absolutely be giving you a significant discount depending on how many courses you've already purchased.

What exactly is the course? What does it look like when I buy it?

Great question! I created an “unboxing” video to show exactly what it looks like:

I gotta have it!!
Take me to the course, I'm ready to