Do you struggle with your flat lay compositions- sometimes nailing them and loving your image and sometimes feeling lost and unsure what to do and not knowing why you don't love your image?  I'm looking to completely change that!  This course will not only teach you how to make better flat lays and help you get published, it will change the way you think and see on an intrinsic level so you can compose any frame with ease!   The 10 Rules of Composition Introduction Course introduces compositional theories that you can use to make any images stronger, and here learn to apply them specifically to flat lays so you can make stronger more dynamic imagery no matter the situation with ease! 

Introducing a new one-of-a-kind e-course in the wedding industry brought to you by Rebecca Yale, winner two years in a row of Rangefinder Magazine's Wedding Photography Award in the "Details" category. Learn how to create images worthy of magazines from a photographer published in: Martha Stewart, Brides Magazine, The Knot National, Destination I Do, Destination Weddings Magazine, Flutter Magazine, Grace Ormonde and many more. The course combines lecture on composition, balance, color, flow and movement with behind the scenes video of the creation of 100+ flat lays! Learn how to style wedding day details to create dynamic imagery for your clients and for publications.  

The course is comprised of 4 videos:

Introduction: In Depth 10 Rules of Composition (1 hour)

Course One: Wedding Day Paper Goods (~90 minutes)

Course Two: Bride and Groom Personals & Rings (~90 minutes)

Course Three: One Full Wedding Day of Cohesive Details (~90 minutes)

Each course whether bought bundled or separately includes the introduction video, which is a 10 step compositional course that will give you the tools and a greater understanding of how to use composition to create outstanding flat lays.  These concepts are applicable beyond flat lays and can be used in any type of design work from flower arranging to tablescapes to portraiture and landscapes.  Click on each course below for a full description.

Learning from Rebecca was such a wonderful experience! Rebecca doesn't just show you how to style, she actually teaches you! She encourages you to develop your own aesthetic and style but makes sure you have an understanding of the basics of form, structure and composition to build upon. Before this workshop I could never figure out how to style shoes without looking stupid. There is so much craft that goes into flat lays and I will forever admire the styling ability of a photographer who can really nail styling and photographing the details. It's what all the magazines are looking for and it's such an important skill for the photographers we hire to have. 

Rebecca is quite literally the flatlay master! What a gift it is to look behind the scenes and see her process for creating her beautiful scenes. As a stylist, I’m always looking for ways of improving and my team and I took away such valuable info on composition, lighting, angles and the hierarchy of information that we can apply to our future styling projects and events. This course is a must-have not only for photographers, but for event planning and design teams looking to take their styled content to the next level. I highly recommend this course!

Rebecca's class was so helpful and informative in helping get my styling to the next level. Her eye for styling and design are incredible and her class was packed with so much knowledge.
I highly recommend it!   

Why Should I care about Flat Lay Styling?

According to Two Bright Lights 70% of potential clients qualify their potential photographer by viewing their published work. Being published adds credibility and validation to your work and helps you increase your prices, plus it’s free marketing of your wedding portfolio and gets your fantastic work in front of thousands upon thousands of potential clients! As any editor will tell you, getting published is all about good detail images. Blogs and magazines are looking for new and interesting inspiration to share with their readers and inspiration means details! Well done details can 100% make or break a submission. And details are about way more than just getting published! They establish a narrative for the wedding day telling a cohesive story and when done mindfully, act as ephemeral touch points to your clients, unlocking their wedding day memories. Each of my client’s wedding albums, which I show in course three, open with their detail images. Brides and grooms spend months- if not years- planning those details- and with the rise of more and more publications, couples are caring more and more about those detail images.

I have limited education dollars, why is this a good investment?

Being able to style details well will help you get published, which is free marketing to your potential clients. And even greater is the perceived value added to your business, which helps you increase your prices as a stylist, planner or photographer. And as a photographer it not only makes you much more appealing to clients, but it also makes you much more appealing to planners who recommend you to their clients, because they know you’ll be able to do a spectacular job and help them get published- bringing them new work as well! The client planner relationship is symbiotic and if you want to work with vendors who are regularly featured in national publications, your work needs to be at that level of excellence.  

As Shannon Leahy, named one of the best wedding planners in the country by Martha Stewart Magazine, said

“Rebecca is quite literally the flatlay master! What a gift it is to look behind the scenes and see her process for creating her beautiful scenes. There is so much craft that goes into flat lays and I will forever admire the styling ability of a photographer who can really nail styling and photographing the details. It's what all the magazines are looking for and it's such an important skill for the photographers we hire to have.”

I'm a hands on learner, I’d rather take a live course than an online one. How will I learn from this?

I completely understand this and feel the same way! I need to see and touch things to internalize them! I started this course as a live in person class originally and I realized quickly that there was more demand than I could fulfill- any way beyond Los Angeles- so I spent a long time figuring out how to not only recreate, but enhance the in person experience and I 100% believe this does! The in person class only has time for an hour of lecture and once it’s over it’s over, whereas here you have the opportunity to go back and watch things over and over again! The course isn’t meant to be watched just once- each course comes with a reference sheet PDF that gives the exact time stamp of each concept and image so you can refer back to a technique or concept with ease. And if you buy the bundle of the three courses during this 2 week launch you get the flat lay demo file for free, which gives you the opportunity to test out the concepts digitally and make hundreds of combinations! And after the course you can pair up with a local stationery designer or get some free samples from minted and try your hand at it and share them in my facebook group and get feedback not just from me, but from an amazing community of support!

What’s the difference between the courses? Should I just buy one of them?

This is a great question! The complete course is made up of 4 videos: a 60 minute introduction that goes over the rules of composition and three approximately 90 minute courses that break down how I apply the principles of composition to different items. Course One is all wedding day paper details- invitations, save the dates, menus, vow books, welcome bags, etc. I show how to style the same suite in multiple ways and give examples of both with and without paper and the dreaded- one card challenge, which is how to create a dynamic and engaging image with just a one piece suite- and double challenge with no flowers! Course two is about the Bride and Groom Personal Details as well as wedding rings and shows multiple options of different types of shoes and accessories. The course teaches basic principles rather than exact formulas so you can make them your own and use them in any situation you encounter. The third course is all the details from one full wedding day, and I demonstrate how to make a cohesive collection with a focus on getting published and creating stronger work for your clients albums. All three courses are split between lecture at the beginning about design and composition and the second half features live demos of me styling and explaining my process as I go. The third courses features pages from my clients real wedding albums as well as my tear sheets from national publications and contact sheets of my submissions, teaching how I weave my detail images into those submissions. The courses can be bought individually or bundled together and the bundle is the best deal as it is 40% off the a la carte value of buying them all individually if you purchase during the launch!

What exactly is the course? What does it look like when I buy it?

Great question! I created an “unboxing” video to show exactly what it looks like: