Join award-winning international wedding and editorial photographer, Rebecca Yale, in a two day intensive course on the art and business of wedding photography hosted online via Zoom.

The course will take place online, but will be live and you must be able to participate live on webcam to take part in it.

No styled shoots. Just education. In just 7 years of business Rebecca Yale was named one of the top photographers in the world by Harper's Bazaar, Brides Magazine, and Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Magazine. She photographed the 2017 Knot Dream Wedding and was awarded the Grand Prize for Wedding Photography by Rangefinder Magazine in 2017 and won first place three years in a row. Rebecca was named Film Photographer of the Year in 2018 by Belle Lumiere and won their Film Image of the Year in 2016. She has been featured in 100+ print and online publications including Martha Stewart, Brides Magazine, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, Us Weekly, People Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, Destination I Do, Once Wed, Flutter Magazine, Magnolia Rouge and many more.

Rebecca built a six-figure wedding photography business, which included a relocation across the country from New York to Los Angeles, two of the most saturated markets in the world. This unique course shares the roadmap for how she built her business and will teach the skills for you to do the same both as an artist and entrepreneur. 

My goal is for every single one of my students to walk away with a new set of skills for being a better artist and a better entrepreneur. This is not a course for building your portfolio, rather it is a course that teaches you the skills to use at every single wedding or shoot to create portfolio worthy imagery every time you click your shutter. 

We are living in unique times with COVID-19 changing our industry and we will spend time on Day 2 discussing strategies and Rebecca will share her contract and Postponement Agreement with her students and discuss her policies for protecting her business and keeping positive relationships with her clients and planners.

Investment $1250
May 14th-15th, 2020

Basics of composition
How to craft a story
How to light
How to pose
How to style flat lays 
How to shoot for publication 

Lunch Break, RYP will be available during break to answer questions

Individual portfolio critiques in group setting
of select portfolio of 30 images.

Informal Cocktail Hour from 6-7 on zoom to chat and answer more questions

My pricing structure and philosophy
Net Profit vs Gross Profit & Cost of Goods Sold
Making a metrics sheet & creating packages 
How and when to raise your prices 
Contracts and Postponement Agreements
Pricing Q&A 

Lunch Break, RYP will be available during break to answer questions

Building your brand & identifying your target market 
How to get published & craft submissions
Building your referral network
Wedding day and post-wedding editing workflow
Individual website reviews in group setting

Informal Cocktail Hour from 6-7 on zoom to chat and answer more questions

There will be two photography assignments you will receive when signing up for the course, both of these are to be completed before the class and must be sent to Rebecca before the class, both can be completed at home in under 30 minutes.  

There will be a private Facebook group made for continued learning and follow up questions after the course takes place.

The Details...

Day One

Day Two

The Art of shooting 9am-1pm

Lunch Break + Q&A 1-2pm

Critiques 2-6pm


Pricing for profit 9am-1pm

Lunch Break + Q&A 1-2pm

Marketing 2-6pm

The Art of shooting 9am-1pm

Lunch Break + Q&A 1-2pm

Critiques 2-6pm


Pricing for profit 9am-1pm

Lunch Break + Q&A 1-2pm

Marketing 2-6pm

Day one will focus completely on the art of wedding photography. We will focus on how to use composition and semiotics (visual language) to create compelling imagery. Then we will discuss the building blocks of photojournalism and how to craft a story from beginning to end. After we have that foundation we will dive deeper into technical skills- how to light, how to pose, how to create still life flat lays and how to shoot for publications. Every time you click the shutter you make a choice and that choice should be intentional. How you light your receptions and how you pose your clients should never be because it’s the only way you know how. I don’t want to teach you all to shoot exactly like me, rather I will teach the skills that allow you to make a choice in how you want your body of work to look. We will spend the afternoon in group critiques going through each students portfolio and learning from each other through critique in an art school environment, a process which immensely shaped my work and growth as an artist.

Day two will focus on everything business related, as we are not just photographers, but entrepreneurs. We will focus the first half of the day on pricing for profit. I will share my pricing model and the thought process behind it. We will discuss net vs. gross profit, calculating your cost of goods sold and how to create a metrics sheet, which each student will leave with for ease of creating profitable pricing going forward.  We will also discuss contracts and Rebecca will share her contract and Postponement Agreement with students.  The second half of the day will focus on marketing and how to build a brand identity. We will go over getting published, building your referral network, how to create a successful wedding day workflow and post-wedding editing process with timeline and shot list creation and then will end the day with group website reviews for every student.

The course will be include two 9 hour days hosted on zoom. Course will be capped at 10 people and will be first come first serve for availability.

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This seminar was truly a game changer for my business. I came into it in a headspace that I was not sure I wanted to shoot weddings anymore and also not sure where my business was headed. When I started in the wedding industry four seasons ago, I was ecstatic with every client I booked. In the first two seasons, every wedding was a game changer for me as I saw my skillset grow. The weddings I was booking became more and more of what I wanted to shoot and I was in such an exciting period of growth. Over the last two years, I felt as though I hit a plateau in my artistic ability and with the weddings I was booking. I felt stuck and did not know my way out. This is where that "I don't know if I want to shoot weddings" frustration was coming from. Starting the new year in January before taking Rebecca's course, the 2019 wedding season ahead seemed daunting. Inquiries were rolling in and I found myself lying to clients saying I was booked when I wasn't because I was unhappy with where I was. 

After taking Rebecas course, my whole mind set shifted. First off, I quickly realized I was booking way too many so so weddings at a price that was too low for what I wanted to be shooting. I was showcasing way too many photos on my website that were attracting the bride I didn't want. I also learned a tremendous amount about composition, telling a story with every image, posing flow, go to poses, flat lays and so much more. After completing the course, I feel inspired to go into my 2019 season. I went home and deleted probably 50% of the images from my website, cleaned up my instagram account and have been consciously thinking about each image. My new go to question I ask myself before I post is "is this attracting my bride?" Truly life changing! If it wasn't for Rebecca's course, 2019 very much could have been my last wedding season. 

Torrey Fox

Attending Rebecca's Art and Business of Wedding Photography course was one of my business highlights of last year. Since I live in the Midwest, I was debating whether or not making the trip all the way to LA for just a couple days would be worth it. I made the decision to attend, and I am SO happy that I did. It's hard to know where to begin because Rebecca shared her heart and so much valuable information with the attendees. But two of the most valuable components that I have since taken home and have implemented and already seen a major impact on my business were the portfolio critique and the pricing strategy/knowing your numbers. The portfolio critique was challenging (but what good things aren't?), but exactly what my work needed. It can be hard as a solo business owner and artist to really have a good critical eye with your work and Rebecca's input was kind and so thought-provoking. Similarly, going over pricing was extremely helpful. Since the course, I have, with a good plan in mind, begun strategically changing my prices and I just wish I would've had these tools sooner. But, I am so thankful to have them now! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Rebecca as a person, a teacher, and a photographer. She went out of her way to ensure that to see that I, my work, and my business grew!  Since taking Rebecca's course, I have booked my first wedding with a full-service wedding planner and have already begun moving into different pricing projections because of bookings! I seriously have to step back and take it all in. A year ago, this would've just been a hope, not a reality and something for me to tangibly work towards.

Erika Aileen

Three weeks after attending The Art & Business of Wedding Photography, I photographed my next wedding. I felt like a stronger (and better) photographer being able to walk into that wedding and immediately apply all the principles we went over during the course, including composition and shooting with intention. What was especially eye-opening was the part of the course geared towards shooting for publication. Not even 2 months after photographing that wedding, it was picked up by Martha Stewart for a full feature. Without Rebecca's insight into shooting for publication, I could still be years away from my first Martha Stewart feature. 

Day 2 of the course was business focused and was a total mindset shift for me in how I do certain things. Rebecca's approach to pricing was an absolute game changer. She taught each of us how to apply her formulas and spreadsheets to our own pricing and helped us calculate what our rates should be (something I'd never experienced before at other workshops). Until this day, I'd been fed ambiguities such as "you can only charge x amount because you've been in business for x many years", or "charge what feels right". Rebecca's methods made sense and weren't arbitrary. It feels so good to now send out my pricing guide knowing it's bulletproof and 100% fair and justified. This course gave me the tools and skills I needed to finish off my wedding season strong and step into the new one full force. 

The Portfolio Review was nothing short of powerful. In the past, when I'd done portfolio reviews at other workshops, the feedback was never that helpful. It was wonderful hearing hosts say "these photos are lovely", but the feedback rarely extended past vague phrases like that one. Having Rebecca explain what she liked about particular images or provide constructive feedback on how an image could have been constructed differently was extremely helpful. As photographers, it can be easy to become emotionally attached to our images and not see past the memory of the moment or how they make us feel. The Portfolio Review was an exercise in taking a step back and analyzing our images from an external perspective. It's was fascinating hearing her thoughts on each photo and everything she said struck a chord (in a good way). Beforehand, I liked to think I created images with intention. Now, I feel more confident in my ability to do so and can examine my own work with a more critical and purposeful eye. 

Janine Licare

The Art and Business Wedding Photography workshop was the best thing that I could have done for my photography career. As a new photographer, I was able to learn from Rebecca the basic foundations of composition and photojournalism. She helped me create new habits and techniques. There is no other class out there that goes this much in depth into the art of photography and also the business part of it.

Rebecca truly cares about each one of her students. She is kind, transparent and extremely knowledgeable. I appreciated that she always took the time to make sure that I understood what she was teaching since I didn’t have a lot of experience.

Before the workshop, I was the most nervous about the critique portion but after It was over I was so glad that I did it. She gave me honest and thoughtful critiques. I now see my photography in a completely different way and have grown so much as a person and as a photographer.

I truly enjoyed from the workshop was meeting other photographers and hearing their stories and getting their feedback.  The pricing/business portion of the workshop blew my mind. Rebecca shared so many resources with us that I know I will use for the rest of my career.  An added bonus is that I also enjoyed getting to spend time with Margo. She is the cutest!  This is the best investment that I have made for my photography career and I am so grateful.

Thank you Rebecca for sharing so much knowledge with us! 

Carmen Vivanco

"When I joined Rebecca's workshop, I was feeling lost and frustrated with my work. Unlike many of the other attendees, I was much earlier in my time as a photographer, and for all intents and purposes, clueless! Being in the intimate group of photographers at different stages of their careers was truly inspiring for me, and learning from Rebecca was so helpful. Rebecca was so clear and direct with the information she shared and feedback she provided, whilst still being incredibly encouraging and sensitive. The information was practical and structured. Even though I am at the beginning of my career, all the content was very helpful in providing a roadmap for where I need to head. I left my time with Rebecca feeling empowered and inspired, and with a ton of material to process and internalize. It helped so much that Rebecca is a truly kind and genuine soul with a desire to educate and mentor, and bonus points for having Margo (her dog) with us in the sessions!"

Josie, Courage & Ash

"As soon as Rebecca announced her Art & Business of Wedding Photography Intensive, I knew I had to go. I’d been struggling with the business side of my work for a while and knew I need help. It’s so defeating when you know something needs to be fixed, but you have no idea what it is and how to go about it. This is where this intensive will help! Rebecca pinpointed those issues and provided specific tactics on how to tackle them. In fact, there was so much brilliant information, I still find myself pulling out my notebook and handouts for a refresher 3 months later.

I do have to admit that the photo critiques were difficult for my sensitive ego as I’m emotionally attached to my work--well, I supposed most of us are. So often we get accolades for our “pretty” work and no true constructive feedback that pushes us to elevate our skills. Not here. Rebecca shared why some of my images worked in regards to composition, subject, lighting, and how others could have been better executed and what to look for in the future. I now have those tips in the back of my mind for every shoot and have already seen my work improve.

Having taken a few of Rebecca's other courses, I knew the workshop would be well thought-out and informative. This, however, went beyond what I could have imagined. I remember leaving the last day with my mind blown as she had explained pricing in a way I had never conceived of. It was like a light switch had been flipped!"

Ines Zrinski

I have dreamed about this course for almost 5 years now and I’m so excited to finally bring it to fruition! I truly believe it is unlike any other workshop or course on the market. The idea behind this two day intensive was to create a similar learning experience to my one-on-one mentorship, but in a group setting like I experienced at art school. So often when I ask my mentees or fellow photographers why they shot something in a certain way the response is- I never thought about it shooting it differently, or I don’t know how to shoot it differently. This is a cycle I hope to break, by teaching the building blocks of photography that I learned during my time at photography school at NYU, combined with the experience I’ve obtained on the job at weddings. Things like how to manipulate light- both natural and artificial, how to pose couples and large groups and art direct a scene. How to tell a layered and emotional story of the wedding day and create a narrative with your images. How to use the basic elements of composition to make beautiful flat lays with ease and how to create a shot list for publications and manipulate the wedding day details to create optimum images for publications, while still staying true to the authenticity of the day.  

I am also equally passionate about being an entrepreneur and running a successful business. When I make metrics sheets for many of my mentees I love seeing things click for them and giving them an easy to use pricing model they can grow with. Pricing and marketing don’t have to be confusing and I love helping to demystify the process by sharing what’s worked and just as importantly, what hasn’t worked for me in building a six-figure business.

I believe education should have a high ROI. Every dollar invested in education should come back to you many times over as you build your business. That is why I have spent years crafting each and every e-course or in person intensive course that I teach to make sure that my students walk away with a new foundation of skills. I know workshops with styled shoots can be tempting to build your portfolio and this one doesn’t include any hands on shooting, but it will teach you the skills necessary to turn every single wedding or shoot into a portfolio-worthy work of art. So often I hear photographers complain that they created great images at a shoot out, but didn’t actually learn how to pose, how to art direct, how to light. So I wanted to take out the shoot portion and instead focus on these basic and advanced skills. I will show hands on demonstrations and explain my thought process behind every decision I make before I click the shutter. My intention is not for you to learn to mimic my voice, but to teach you how to find your own and execute it with precision. An artist should be immediately identifiable by their work- looking at a photograph by Dorthea Lange and Walker Evans or by Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, there is no mistake whose is it is. There is a clear voice behind the image of the artist. That is how we as artists command our pricing, your voice is proprietary, it is your special sauce and it makes you worth your price tag because only you have it. I want to help you find and hone your voice and give you the vocabulary and tools to do so.

Group critique is a staple of any art school across the world. The process of curating your work and receiving feedback on it helps us grow immensely and has shaped who I am as an artist. The wedding industry is one of the only photographic industries that doesn’t have critique as a regular part of our workflow. Of course if a client dislikes their images you’ll hear about it, but otherwise there are no editors or mentors giving you feedback and with no feedback there’s no room to grow. I was surprised my first time attending WPPI after years of attending PhotoPlus (for commercial photographers) and NANPA (for nature photographers) that there was no portfolio review offered. I’ve had my work ripped apart more times than I can count and while it’s a painful process, it is akin to building muscle and every time I was torn apart I built myself back up stronger and established a voice and identity as an artist. Critiques will always be 100% constructive and will help you identify your strengths and learn what areas you can improve upon.

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What makes this course different?

I have limited education dollars, why is this a good investment?

I’m nervous about critique in a group setting, why should I do this?

Classes are NON REFUNDABLE.  If you can no longer make it you can sell your seat and we will do our best to help promote it, but because of the intimate nature of the class we are not able to offer refunds.

What makes this course different?

I have limited education dollars, why is this a good investment?

I’m nervous about critique in a group setting, why should I do this?

Is there a payment plan?

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