Investment $250

Creating a shot list of "must haves"
Crafting a narrative

Invitation + Paper Good Styling
Bridal Detail Styling
Wedding Ring Styling
Wedding Favor Styling

Creating additional details for publication
Cake Vignette
Cocktail Vignette 

Lunch Break *lunch not included*

Featuring one of Rebecca's real 2018 couples
 Bridal posing and bride & groom posing
How to art direct to pose authentically and put client at ease

Manipulating a tablescape to optimize it through the lens

Group discussion and questions & answers

The Details...

Partnering with:

Shooting for Publications 9am-9:30am

Flat Lay Styling 9:30am-11:00am

Wedding Cake + Cocktail Styling + Photography 11:00am-11:45am

Lunch Break + Q&A 11:45-12:45

Bride and Groom Posing Demonstration 12:45-2:45

Tablescape Photography 2:45-4pm

Q&A 4-5pm


Full Service Wedding Planner and Designer Callista & Company featured in Martha Stewart, C Magazine, In Style, Destination I Do, Style Me Pretty, Inside Weddings and many more.

International floral designer and fine artist, Sarah Saunders whose work has been featured in Martha Stewart, the New York Times and in weddings all over the world.

Wedding dresses from Kleinfeld Bridal

Paper Goods from Ipanema Press

Styling Details from Simply Rooted Collection, Simple Things Ceramics, Mrs Box, Silk and Willow and more.

Each student will receive:

A sample details shot list from RYP used for shooting for publications

A free copy of RYP's e-course, More Than Pretty Tones ($99 value)

A free copy of RYP's e-course, Intro to Flat Lay Styling ($99 value)

A 20% discount off RYP's Complete Flat Lay Styling Course

Discounts on some of the styling products RYP will use during the course (TBA)

Join award-winning international wedding and editorial photographer, Rebecca Yale for a brand new live shooting demonstration course! Rebecca will be photographing an editorial shoot featuring a reception table, flat lay details, wedding cake, cocktail station and a real couple modeling as bride and groom. Rebecca will teach her approach to shooting each of these elements explaining her thought process and technique as she shoots. The course will go over shooting for your client and for publication with hands on demonstrations of how to optimize the details for the best image through the lens. One of Rebecca's real 2018 bride and groom's will be modeling and Rebecca will do a live posing demonstration as we go in depth on how she art directs to put her clients at ease to create beautiful and candid portraiture.

The course will be a mix of live demos and lecture and will be a non-shooting course for attendees.

Topics covered will include (but are not limited to):

    Art directing a real couple to put them at ease and achieve beautiful and authentic portraits
    Styling and photographing Flat Lays
    Creating a shot list for your client and for publications
    Manipulating a tablescape for optimal images necessary for getting published
    Making purposeful lighting choices in both daylight and artificial lighting situations

Top wedding vendors from around the country will be collaborating on this editorial shoot including:


Please watch e-courses before coming to class as topics from the course will be discussed.
schedule subject to slight changes

Makeup by Martha Stewart Top Beauty Expert, Stacie Ford as seen in Vogue, Grace Ormonde, Brides Magazine, Inside Weddings and more.

The idea behind this styled shoot demo course is to create a different kind of learning experience that combines lecture and live demonstration.  So often styled shoot workshops become a frenzied experience with a focus on getting the shot for you portfolio rather than truly learning new techniques.  So often when I ask photographers why they shot something in a certain way the response is- I never thought about it shooting it differently, or I don’t know how to shoot it differently. This is a cycle I hope to break, by teaching the building blocks of photography that I learned during my time at photography school at NYU, combined with the experience I’ve obtained on the job at weddings. Things like how to manipulate light- both natural and artificial, how to pose couples and art direct a scene. How to use the basic elements of composition to make beautiful flat lays with ease and how to create a shot list for publications and manipulate the wedding day details to create optimum images for publications, while still staying true to the authenticity of the day.  

This course was designed and priced to be accessible to students of all levels. I believe education should have a high ROI. Every dollar invested in education should come back to you many times over as you build your business. That is why I have spent years crafting each and every e-course or in person course that I teach to make sure that my students walk away with a new foundation of skills. I know workshops with styled shoots that you partake in can be tempting to build your portfolio and this one doesn’t include any hands on shooting, but it will teach you the skills necessary to turn every single wedding or shoot into a portfolio-worthy work of art. So often I hear photographers complain that they created great images at a shoot out, but didn’t actually learn how to pose, how to art direct, how to light. So I wanted to take out the shooting portion and instead focus on demonstrating these basic and advanced skills. I will show hands on demonstrations and explain my thought process behind every decision I make before I click the shutter. My intention is not for you to learn to mimic my voice, but to teach you how to find your own and execute it with precision. 

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