I’ve been a student of photography since I was 12 years old, refining my craft through my education with a BA in Photography, Art History and Aesthetic Philosophy from NYU and advanced courses at the International Center of Photography in New York. However, there’s nothing quite like one on one mentorship for growth as an artist. My teachers and mentors over the years have changed the way I see the world through my lens through their critiques. My four step mentorship program is designed not to pad your portfolio with pretty images, but rather change the way you shoot and see your business at a systemic level.  My students walk away being able to implement new techniques seamlessly into their workflow to create a strong and cohesive brand as an artist.  My program begins with a discussion of your goals as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Then we dive in.  Session 1 involves in depth critiques of full galleries.  We discuss art and semiotics, learning what truly makes a good photo great and how to be both an artist and a storyteller for your clients AND for yourself. Session 2 is a deep dive into your business practices and strategies because no matter how wonderful of an artist you are, if your business isn’t working, nothing works! Each session is 3-4 hours and I invest countless hours in each of my students in between our formal calls so for this reason I limit the number of students I take on at any given time to give personalized attention to each. 

For a more in-depth experience I offer a hands on learning experience, which includes an editorial shoot that we will shoot together followed by a critique session, allowing for the full understanding and absorption of techniques that can be implemented on your own after the session.  You can add on a shoot to your mentorship that you put together and I will come along and be your mentor on the shoot, not shooting myself and focusing on teaching for an additional $1500 (local for Los Angeles area only) $3000 + travel expenses outside of Southern California.  I can also put together a custom shoot for you with my expert vendor teams where I will not be shooting and will be your guide helping you along the way, these custom shoot experiences begin at $10,000.

I began my professional career as a photographer my freshman year of college as an event photographer for NYU. Over the next 6 years, I worked in event photography, fashion photography and documentary photography, focusing on travel and wildlife, before turning to weddings in 2012 and never looking back. Weddings are the perfect combination of everything I love about photography. We must be everything in one day- photojournalists, still life photographers, fashion photographers, creative directors, entrepreneurs and we must do it all with a smile on our face while pleasing our clients. Not an easy task, but one I absolutely love. I grew my business quickly going from shooting 2 weddings my first year to a full season with over 20 the following year. Here are some of my other achievements in the last few years: 

Named one of the top photographers in the world by 
Harper's Bazaar, BRIDES and Destination Weddings Magazine.

Published in print in over 45 magazines including Martha Stewart, BRIDES The Knot National and multiple local editions, Destination Weddings Magazine, Flutter, Cottage Hill, Marie Claire, Magnolia Rouge, Modern Luxury brides, NY Mag, and Hochzeitsguide and online by Style Me Pretty, Once Wed, Wedding Sparrow, Green Wedding Shoes, Bridal Guide, Carats & Cake, Grace Ormonde, Grey Likes Weddings, Elizabeth Anne Designs, Elle.com, My Domaine, National Geographic Online and Cosmopolitan Magazine. 

First place in Rangefinder Magazine’s Wedding Photography Awards in the details category in 2015 and 2016. Winner in the Wedding category of Rangefinder’s Photography Annual, Animal Photography Awards and PDN’s Top Knots in 2015. Winner of Film Photograph of the Year by Belle Lumiere Magazine in 2016 and Film Photographer of the Year in 2018. Semi-Finalist in Royal Geographic Society's Photographer of the Year and awarded in PDN Magazine's Photo Annual.

A discussion of your business and artistic goals.  You will begin by filling out a questionnaire we will discuss in detail during this session and create goals and structure for the rest of the process.  Below sessions can be modified and personalized depending on your goals.

In depth critique of your work: portfolio critique of three full weddings.  Review of website, social media, and blog. Includes shooting assignments we will review together.  The purpose of these critiques is to get you thinking deeper into what your photographs say about you and about your clients.  We will go over everything from posing to styling, lighting and editing to image selection and curation.  Session includes readings by aesthetic philosophers.

Breakdown of your business strategy and in depth review of what’s working and what’s not working. We will discuss networking, getting published, making a great submission, creating a cohesive and thoughtful brand as well as pricing structure, growth and sustainability.

This session takes place 6 months after the last, once you’ve implemented your new shooting and business skills. We will review another full wedding or engagement session as well as website updates and do another round of critique and discuss branding and artistic vision. This is also the time for any miscellaneous questions not covered in the first three sessions.  I will guide you through one submission and answer any lingering questions.

One-on-One Mentorship Program + (Includes All) E-Courses $7500

Each session is around 4 hours with homework assignments between each session. I make myself available to all of my mentees between calls to review new work, go over submissions, give advice on custom client proposals and pricing and anything else I can be of help with. 

"Investing in a one-on-one mentorship with Rebecca was one of the best decisions I have made for my business! Rebecca shared her wealth of knowledge and experience, not only by delving deep into my metrics, workflow, and portfolio, she also gave me honest and constructive feedback and critiques on every aspect of my business. This type of mentorship to me was more valuable than attending another workshop, as Rebecca truly tailors the experience to fit your individual needs. This is not an easy mentorship, and Rebecca will make you work very hard, but trust me, the hard work will pay off! We are so caught up in our businesses that it’s difficult to step back and look at it objectively. Rebecca’s holistic approach helped me pinpoint my weaknesses so we could work together on implementing new strategies and techniques to help elevate my brand and business as a whole. Since working with Rebecca, I have booked more weddings, which has paid off the investment many times over!"

-Lauren Renee Photography

“I had been looking for a mentor for a little while now but I was having trouble finding one that solely taught the business end of photography. I was confident in my aesthetic and shooting abilities, so I wanted to find someone who really knew the in and outs of the field, but most mentorships that I considered included a full styled shoot that I knew I didn't need.

I decided to take a leap of faith and contact Rebecca, who I had been following on Instagram for years and really admired her for her hard work and hustle. It was easily the best thing I could have done for my business and my only regret is that I hadn't contacted her sooner. What I loved the most about talking with her is that she didn't hide the most difficult parts of her career. Instead, Rebecca used it as a teaching moment to let me know that everyone in the industry goes through points like that in their lives. That it's not always the rainbows and butterflies that you see on social media. 

The hardest part of the one-on-one with Rebecca was her critiques and I don't mean that in a bad way. Our work is our passion and our livelihood and when it's critiqued, we tend to get defensive because all we've ever known is a pat on the back and praise for just another pretty photo. Although I felt confident about my body of work, I can now say with certainty that she taught me how make my work stronger by telling me to look at each photo and ask myself 'why'? Why did I take the photo? What was unique about it? It was hard at first to look through my work with a critical eye, but its helped tremulously in making my brand stronger and my message clearer. 

In addition to being a badass mentor, Rebecca has also been a great friend and confidant when I have questions about anything and everything. She pours her heart and soul into each session together and I believe, above all, that she wants me to succeed in my business, which is a rare find in the wedding photography industry. If you are looking for someone to give you a healthy dose of butt-kicking motivation and to provide you the tools you need to grow your business in ways you never thought possible, then Rebecca is the one to do it. Run, don't walk, to contact her!”

-Kerry Jeanne Photography

Rebecca's mentor sessions are based out of Los Angeles, but she conducts them via skype or facetime worldwide.  Hands on sessions can be arranged anywhere in the world.  Rebecca@rebeccayale.com

This is a truly holistic program with a great deal of time invested in each of my mentees.  For that reason I limit the number of students at any given time.  Please share a little information about your business goals in the application below and I will be in touch with more information.