Join award winning photographer, Rebecca Yale, to learn the tools necessary to set your wedding photography business up for success in this new 120 page guide. Rebecca has been named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar, Brides, and Destination Weddings Magazine and in this guide she shares all of the behind the scenes knowledge she’s accumulated in her 10 years in business. Rebecca is a respected educator in the wedding industry, teaching at prestigious conferences including Engage! The Luxury Wedding Business Summit, WPPI, Showit’s United, and B&H Photo’s educational series in NYC. Rebecca’s previous courses have focused on artistry, composition and technical skills, but this new course focuses on all of the invisible work we do on the back end before the wedding day begins. Artistry and technical skills may be how photographers establish their brands, but without the systems and logistics for managing a wedding day, they will never grow them into thriving businesses. There is no space for artistry on a wedding day when you feel frenzied and stressed. Learn how to build a solid foundation for the day with a strong shot list and timeline, manage your team, work with planners, set reasonable expectations with your clients, and Rebecca’s workflow from the initial inquiry to album sales after the wedding. 

A guide to setting your wedding photography
business up for success.

Below is a preview of exactly what you will find in the E-Guide on our Table of Contents Page.

How to build a strong timeline both with and without a first look.

How to talk to your clients about a first look, educating them on the pros and cons.

How to build a shot list with your clients. What important questions to ask them and how to advise them to create a realistic list and manage their expectations. 

How to work with planners to build the shot list and timeline, including a detail shot list with illustrated examples.

How to train your team (second shooter and/or assistant) and manage them on a wedding day. Includes sample guidelines for assistants and second shooters.

How to put systems in place to still get all the photos your client’s want when the timeline runs behind schedule.

How to scout a venue and pre-plan your portraits.

An updated 23 page version of my Illustrated Shot List with additional categories for all parts of the wedding day. 100% new imagery with 4 examples per category.

Printable check lists for both my pre and post wedding work flow.  Includes everything from the initial inquiry to album sales and publication submissions post wedding with the time frame for each step along the way.

12 MUST HAVE clauses for your contracts.
Note: Includes the name of clauses to include with descriptions when applicable, does not include actual legal language of clauses as a lawyer should be consulted for that.

Camera Bag Check List including my Styling Kit.

Hybrid photographer editing workflow. Includes next day previews, culling, sorting and combining digital and film images into one cohesive gallery.

Strategies for selling prints and albums after the wedding.

Sample timeline and shot list from a real wedding. Includes versions both with and without a first look.

Printable and customizable shot list templates for family and wedding party formals. Includes versions with and without a first look, divorced/remarried parents, young children in family, same sex couples.

A template for a Personal Affairs Organizer for your business. Detailed instructions for how you would like your business handled if you become incapacitated or die.  If you get in a car accident or get called in for emergency surgery, the last thing you want is for your loved ones to be scrambling to take care of your business. Includes customizable templates for how you want scheduled weddings to be handled both within 72 hours and farther in advance.  Templates and suggestions for critical information to provide including your schedule, passwords, client information, etc.

A Look Inside The Course

What's this E-Guide really about?  

The purpose of this book is to empower you to create your own systems, taking mine and adding on your own so that no matter the situation, you’re set up to succeed. Trust me I’ve seen it all: squabbling divorced parents who refuse to be photographed together, room flips with less than five minutes to shoot the details, second shooters who miss key portraits, flowers not showing up for flat lays, drunk groomsmen who go missing at the hotel bar instead of coming to the portrait location, traffic accidents that put us hours behind schedule, and many many more wedding day disasters. So often I’ll hear photographers say, “Well I could create great imagery like that if my weddings all had planners, or bigger budgets, or easier clients, or more beautiful locations.” Those are all excuses, and ones I used to make myself. It never gets easier—we just get smarter. I wish I could zoom out and show the behind the scenes of the chaos happening just outside of my shot, but you’ll never see it in my photos and my clients will never know the craziness of what goes into their wedding day. I like to think of myself as imitating a duck on a wedding day, gliding serenely above the water while no one knows my feet are paddling furiously beneath the surface. This book gives you the tools to calmly handle any situation and always deliver your best portfolio possible to your clients. 

I have limited education dollars, why is this a good investment?

I believe very strongly that every piece of education I put out should have a high ROI for my students. The intention is for dollar invested to come back to you many times over when you implement these practices.  To be a successful wedding photographer we must have solid foundations in both our art and our businesses. Without the scaffolding to build strong timelines and shot lists we won't have the time on wedding days to be great artists. My work has evolved a lot over my career and I’m proud of the images I create, but I know that the experience I’ve gained and the systems I’ve created are just as important (if not more) to the continued success of my business as my artistry. I’ve spent years learning from my mistakes—taking constant notes about what worked and what didn’t so I can learn from them and create my best work possible and now I'm sharing all of those notes with you here and giving you the tools and guidelines for how to be self reflective and add on to mine, personalizing them for the success of your individual business. 

Please note, because of the nature of this E-Guide, all sales are final. There will be NO refunds or returns. The sale of this E-Guide grants license solely to the purchaser for one user to view the contents of this guide. Forwarding or sharing contents of this guide is unlawful and strictly prohibited.
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