Ready to create stunning flat lays that will thrill your clients and catch the eye of luxury publications?

10 Tips for Flawless Flat Lays

Yes, I want to create flawless flat lays!

✔ Take your viewer on a journey through your images by utilizing the rules of composition

✔ Light your shots to guarantee accurate and vibrant colors

✔ Add layers that boost visual interest and help your flat lays come to life

✔ Craft your flat lays with thoughtful details that add to the narrative of the day

✔ Incorporate color to design the perfect mood and balance

✔ Balance your images without the use of perfect symmetry

✔ Capture attention with dynamic composition that people can’t tear their eyes from

✔ Grab attention on social media with flat lays that stand out

Polished flat lays instantly elevate your portfolio, help you attract luxury clients, and increase your chances of getting published exponentially. They’re an essential tool in any wedding professional’s kit!

I’ve seen many of my students turn a “no” into a “yes” from a publication simply by leveling up their flat lay game.

Imagine knowing exactly how to:

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

And I know the value of strong flat lay photography. When I became a wedding photographer, I dreamed of being published in magazines like Martha Stewart and Style Me Pretty. So I spent hours studying their photos. I was determined to discover the key that would open the door for me to get published there alongside the industry’s best.

And I figured it out. If you want to get featured in luxury publications you MUST have dynamic and elegant flat lay photography. Editors are on the lookout for people who can tell a story through the details — and they’re looking at your flat lays.

This insight helped me realize my dream. Now I’ve been featured in hundreds of publications worldwide including Martha Stewart Weddings, People Magazine, and The Knot. And I’ve had the honor of being named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper's Bazaar, Brides, and Destination Weddings magazines. 

And now I’m thrilled to share some of my secrets with you! In 10 Tips for Flawless Flat Lays I’ll show you how to create eye-catching flat lays that will wow your clients and their vendors, and grab the attention of editors! 

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