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It's time to put an end to this cycle and learn to stand out in the luxury market as a unique artistic voice! 

My business philosophy is simple. I believe in creating such outstanding and unique work that your ideal clients come knocking down your door, lining up to work with you!

You may think I sound crazy, but it worked for me and has worked for so many of my students.

Now it's your turn to stop chasing and start attracting! I truly believe that every wedding photographer should think they are the best wedding photographer in the world. Because if you don't? Fix it!

Easy enough, right?

Have you ever felt the frustration of your dream clients passing you by?

Or losing clients time and time again to less expensive photographers and can't figure out how to get clients to pay you what you're worth?

Whatever is holding you back from thinking you're the best is simply a self-limiting belief.

If you can identify exactly what's holding you back (lighting, posing, communication etc.), you can fix it! Do whatever it takes!

And that's where I come in! I want to help you create strong, unique, and consistent imagery in your own unique artistic voice. 

Creating consistently strong images with a unique artistic voice was my secret to success and it will be yours too!

You have to make yourself a unique commodity so you can stand out from the pack. It’s simple supply and demand.

When only you can do what you do, people will be willing to pay you more for it and there will be no comparison to your competitors. It’s time to stop focussing your time and energy on clients you’ve lost to other photographers who charge less. Instead, you need to create such a strong and unique voice for yourself that future prospective clients see the value in your work and understand that you’re worth every penny!

When you create a unique voice for yourself as an artist, the competition undercutting you with lower pricing won’t matter, because only YOU can do what you do! 

Creating STRONG, UNIQUE, and CONSISTENT imagery is the key that unlocks the door to the clients of your dreams.

So let me ask you something...

How much more confident and powerful would you feel behind the camera, knowing the secrets to repeating this magic?

You need a guide that demystifies the process behind creating beautiful and strong images.

How would you feel knowing you could take amazing images again and again, without struggling to recreate your favorite photographs?

Behind The Frame is that guide

Behind The Frame is a FREE eBook that turns art into science, giving you the tools you need to develop your artistry and understand how to consistently create breathtaking images you love with ease, time and time again!

Here is a glimpse into the guide

📷 I pull back the curtains and reveal the framework behind 25 of my award-winning photographs, sharing my thought processes behind them.

📷 I take the guesswork out of why one image is stronger than another for you.

📷 Learn to use semiotics to train your brain to always catch the perfect frame and create the images you dream of.

📷 Master the concept of intentionality and apply it to your images to boost your career.

I created Behind The Frame to help photographers, like you, who have the ambition to be recognized as a top photographer, trusted by your clients and charging your worth.

But to get there you need to be able to consistently create strong images.
This free guide will show you the way!

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

Since childhood, I’ve dreamed of becoming a photographer and taking photos that mattered. Photos that would have a legacy and live on past me.

My passion led me to NYU where I studied photojournalism, fashion photography and aesthetic philosophy, focusing on photography's ability to mold the way we see the world.

After 20+ years of honing my craft, I am now an award-winning, internationally acclaimed photographer, named one of the Top Photographers in the world by Brides, Harper’s Bazaar, and Destination Weddings magazines, and have been featured in 100+ publications.

And now I'm on a mission to be a part of YOUR success story.

As Seen in...

The training and education for photographers in the wedding industry is lacking. Workshops give you the opportunity to take nice pictures to fluff up your portfolio, but they don’t teach you how to go and create those beautiful images yourself!

This is the problem I’m set on fixing

Starting with this free guide to set you on the path to becoming a more confident photographer, believing you are the best at what you do!

Behind the Frame is packed with information that you won’t get at any workshop.

It includes exclusive behind-the-frames never before shared publicly! After going through this, you’ll understand how to create dazzling, stronger images and just like the “teach a man to fish VS give him a fish” idea - I want to teach my students the art of fishing!

I want to show YOU how to create mesmerizing images on demand!

Are you ready?


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