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The Details...

Previous Partners:

Opening Lecture 10am-11:30am
Creating a shot list of "must haves" and getting published
Composition 101 for nailing any image

Lunch Break + Q&A 11:30-12:15

Ask Rebecca anything you'd like!
Lunch will be included for all students

Live Demonstration by RYP 12:15-1:15
Rebecca will shoot each table, cake and cocktail vignette
 demonstrating how she manipulates it for the lens

Student Shooting in Rotation at 10 Unique Stations 1:20-4:45pm
Each student will have 20 minutes by themselves to document each station
Includes: 3 Tables, Cocktail Vignette, Cake Vignette, 3 Invitation Suite Flat Lays
Wedding Rings Flat Lay, Bouquet Recipe Flat Lay

Lighting Demonstration by RYP 5:00-5:30pm

RYP will demonstrate how she lights reception photos
with no natural light on film

Students photograph with lights 5:30-6:30pm
Students will take turns playing with the lighting to photograph the tables

Class wraps at 6:30pm

Each student will receive:

A sample details shot list from RYP used for shooting for publications

A copy of RYP's e-course, More Than Pretty Tones ($99 value)

A copy of RYP's e-course, Flat Lay Styling ($650 value)

Discounts on some of the styling products RYP will use during the course (TBA)

The knowledge of how to nail your detail images, stand out from the crowd and get published!

Join Belle Lumiere Film Photographer of the Year, Rebecca Yale, for a brand new hands on seminar all about shooting wedding details!  Just like every face has its best angle, every still life image of details has a hero angle.  This first of its kind course will go over how to create a shot list for publications and find the hero angle of every table, place setting, cake, cocktails and flat lays.  The course will begin with a lecture on composition and how to manipulate a tablescape to get the best details.  Rebecca will then give a live demonstration of how she manipulates the details to make them look best in front of the camera and shoots them.   Each student will have the opportunity to photograph 3 tablescapes designed by acclaimed event planner and designer by Kate Siegel, published in Martha Stewart, The Knot, Style Me Pretty and more with florals by the incredibly talented Max Gill, named one of the top florists in the world by Harper's Bazaar.  The shoot will be taking place in Napa at the Barn at Green Valley, an exclusive new venue of internationally acclaimed chef and fine caterer Paula LeDuc. Students will also have the opportunity to photograph a wedding cake, a cocktail vignette, multiple invitation flat lays and rings.  The class is limited to just 10 students, which keeps it intimate and gives each student a chance to shoot each station completely on their own (no battling with other photographers shooting at the same time)!  Included in the course is both of Rebecca Yale's E-Courses: More Than Pretty Tones and The Complete Flat Lay Styling Course. All students are to watch the courses before attending class as we will be going over concepts discussed in depth.  The opportunity to watch the e-courses first saves us time so students get more time to be hands on and get live feedback and help from Rebecca.  Students are welcome to use the images on social media and in their portfolios with proper credit given to all the vendors and Rebecca's seminar, but the real goal of the seminar is not just to create portfolio worthy images here and elevate your brand, but give you the actual tools to create portfolio worthy images at every wedding or shoot after this class.  Students will also receive a 17 page illustrated shot list for submitting to publications and approaching wedding day details. We will discuss how to get your work published and grab the attention of editors.  After each student has a chance to photograph each station we will all come back together for a lighting demonstration where Rebecca will demonstrate how she photographs reception details with artificial lights after the sun goes down on film.  Each student will then have the opportunity to try out her techniques.


Please watch e-courses before coming to class as topics from the course will be discussed.
schedule subject to slight changes

Previous vendors included:

Kate Siegel Fine Events
Boutique wedding planner in San Francisco as seen in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Flutter Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Glamour Magazine and more.

How to Nail Your Detail Images and
Get Your Work Published!

March 20, 2019 in Napa Valley

Topics covered will include (but are not limited to):
Creating a Shot List for Publications
    Styling and photographing Flat Lays
    Manipulating a tablescape for optimal images necessary for getting published
Creating additional detail vignettes including cake and cocktails
    Making purposeful lighting choices in both daylight AND artificial lighting situations

The Barn at Green Valley
New Paula LeDuc exclusive venue in Napa Valley.

Styling Details from Simply Rooted Collection, Simple Things Ceramics, Mrs Box, Locust Collection and more.  Other collaborators to be announced soon.

Max Gill Design
Internationally acclaimed floral designer named one of the top
designers in the world by Harper's Bazaar and featured in major publications worldwide.

Underwood Letterpress
Stationery designer based in SF with clients including The Nomad Hotel and Call of Duty with features in Domino Magazine, Martha Stewart, Apartment Therapy and more.

Paula LeDuc Fine Catering
World renowned chef and caterer in Northern California as seen in 
Martha Stewart, Flutter, Vanity Fair, Brides Magazine and more.

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Learn to create images like these below taken on film with lighting with ZERO natural light!

Images above were published on Martha Stewart and Style Me Pretty

By purchasing the course you agree to these terms and conditions.

The class is limited to just 10 people, because of this tickets are NON REFUNDABLE.  Tickets can be transferred to another student if you can no longer make it and would like to sell it to another student, but no returns or refunds available.

Students will be allowed to use the images on their portfolios, blogs and social media with every single vendor tagged and credited properly, including stating that they were taken at Rebecca Yale's Seminar.  The only exception to the rule will be made for photographers who would like to include the images in a highlights gallery on their website where no text or credit is possible. Credit MUST always be given on any social media.

The Fine Print

The idea behind this details 101 course is to create a different kind of learning experience that combines lecture and live shooting.  So often styled shoot workshops become a frenzied experience with a focus on getting the shot for you portfolio rather than truly learning new techniques.  So often when I ask photographers why they shot something in a certain way the response is- I never thought about it shooting it differently, or I don’t know how to shoot it differently. This is a cycle I hope to break, by teaching the building blocks of photography that I learned during my time at photography school at NYU, combined with the experience I’ve obtained on the job at weddings. Things like how to manipulate light- both natural and artificial, how to use the basic elements of composition to make beautiful flat lays with ease and how to create a shot list for publications and manipulate the wedding day details to create optimum images for publications, while still staying true to the authenticity of the day.  Each student will leave with portfolio worthy images that elevate their portfolio and brand AND more importantly the knowledge to create those images forever after!

Am I allowed to use the photos for my portfolio?

Absolutely! We ask that the images are credited properly as stated in the terms and conditions, but you will be able to use the images on social media and in your portfolios.

I have limited Education Dollars, what makes this course worth the investment?

This course was designed to be accessible to students of all levels. I believe education should have a high ROI. Every dollar invested in education should come back to you many times over as you build your business. That is why I have spent years crafting each and every e-course or in person course that I teach to make sure that my students walk away with a new foundation of skills. This course will not only give you the opportunity to shoot world class beautiful details, but it will teach you the skills necessary to turn every single wedding or shoot into a portfolio-worthy work of art. So often I hear photographers complain that they created great images at a shoot out, but didn’t actually learn how to how to art direct, how to light and how to compose.  I will show hands on demonstrations and explain my thought process behind every decision I make before I click the shutter. My intention is not for you to learn to mimic my voice, but to teach you how to find your own and execute it with precision. The course also includes $750 worth of e-courses that are an integral part to the course to be watched before coming in and you will get the opportunity to ask questions and make sure the concepts are fully absorbed.

I don't shoot film, can I still attend?

Absolutely! Light is light and the same rules apply whether you are shooting film or digital! I will demonstrate how I shoot both with film and digital so students can immediately see the results during the demo.  We recommend you bring your own video lights, but will have a set available for students to take turns using.

I already own your e-courses can I get a discount? 

I so appreciate your previous purchase of my e-courses, thank you and thank you for your interest in this class! This class was not priced to include the e-courses, it would be an additional $750 if I did, the course is priced for all of the information you will be learning on the day of the course and for the AMAZING shoot we will be putting together to elevate your portfolio and help you learn to create stronger images for the future.  We wanted the courses to be included so you can watch them in advance and we can save some lecture time, giving us more hands on shooting time vs. lecture. They are pre-requisite course work that MUST be watched and this is why we have decided to include them for free.

Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely! 50% is required to hold your spot and the remainder is due March 1st, no promo codes can be applied for the payment plan.

More questions? Shoot me an email!

What makes this course different?