Ready to get published in the industry’s top publications and book your ideal luxury clients?


For wedding professionals who want to level up in their business, get featured in the top publications, and thrill their luxury clients. 

You love what you do. You’re living your dream of running a successful business in the highly competitive wedding industry. But you’ve hit a plateau. You know you’re capable of working high-end luxury weddings, but you’re having trouble breaking into the market.

You know you need to be in top publications to attract your ideal clients and command luxury pricing. But all your dream magazines demand top tier flat lays. And you can’t seem to get consistently good images no matter what you try. 

So you’re frustrated...

You want to work luxury weddings and charge luxury prices, but those clients keep passing you by. You dread opening your inbox to see yet another NO from the top publications and you know that being featured by them is the key that will unlock the door to your dream bookings. It feels like there’s a giant roadblock between you and the career of your dreams and you just can’t find a way past it. 

You’re shooting lovely weddings, but haven’t been able to reach the next level to work your dream weddings in the luxury market — the ones with substantial six-figure wedding budgets that the top publications love to feature. 

It feels a little like the chicken and the egg. You know your ideal clients are looking for their vendors in the top publications, but without your ideal luxury weddings, you can’t get featured in them. 

So how do you break this vicious cycle and turn a NO into a YES from the editors that feel like the gatekeepers standing between you and all of your career ambitions?

Flat lays! 

Whether you’re a photographer, planner, designer, stationery designer, or content creator, styling strong flat lays will instantly make your work look more luxurious and more desirable to luxury clients and editors. They were my secret weapon to getting featured before I was shooting big-budget luxury weddings and I know they will be yours too! 

If you keep getting rejected by the top publications, your flat lay skills may be to blame. You recognize excellent flat lays when you see them, but you struggle to create them on your own. 

You’ve tried emulating the work you see in publications and on Instagram. But without understanding WHY one image is strong and another isn’t, your flat lay quality is inconsistent. 

You may have gotten lucky and created one or two flat lays you love, but you have no clue how to recreate them and feel the pressure on wedding day mornings!

Maybe you’ve tried expensive styled shoot workshops. You got some great shots for your portfolio, but you walked away without any tools you could actually use for your own clients.

You need the knowledge and the skills to style elegant flat lays so you can thrill your clients and capture the attention of your dream publications.

You need to understand the WHY and the HOW of flawless flat lay design so you can take your flat lays from satisfactory to stunning.

How do you crack the code to create consistently beautiful flat lays?

Turn your art into a science.

I'm Rebecca Yale 

and I am an award-winning, internationally acclaimed photographer.

When I started working in wedding photography, I dreamed of being featured in luxury publications like Martha Stewart and Style Me Pretty. So I buckled down and studied them like they were my college textbooks. 

After spending hours scouring all my dream magazines and analyzing their images, I figured it out! The key to getting published in luxury magazines is creating amazing flat lays.

Once I mastered the art of flat lay styling, I was in! Now, I’ve been named one of the Top Photographers in the world by Brides, Harper’s Bazaar, and Destination Weddings magazines, and have been featured in 100+ publications.

Now I’m sharing my secrets with you…

I created my Flat Lay Styling Course to empower every single artist with the tools to succeed. With these skills, you can style flat lays with ease, and attract the hard-to-reach luxury clients of your dreams. 

I love teaching flat lays because they are INCREDIBLY learnable! A new technical skill usually requires years of practice before it can be mastered. But I’ve broken down the principles behind all of my flat lays for you. And I walk you through my entire thought process so you can learn to style with ease. Once you understand how these principles work, you will instantaneously level up your flat lay images! 

✔ Create amazing flat lays with ease — Every. Single. Time.

✔ Show up to a wedding feeling fully prepared to nail ANY flat lay with ease.

✔ Break your flat lays down and just like a muscle, build them back up stronger.

✔ Use composition to make your flat lays more engaging and dynamic, no matter the situation! 

✔ Learn to analyze your work, identifying exactly what you need to improve and how to implement it.

✔ STOP tirelessly chasing down your ideal clients and START attracting them to you.

Flat Lay Styling is the key that unlocks the door to the weddings of your dreams. Consistently stunning flat lays — a necessity for all the major publications — increase your chances of getting published 10x over. And that’s where your dream clients are searching for their dream vendors. So if you’re not being featured by them, you’ll be passed right over.

I know what it’s like to dream of getting into those luxury magazines. And I figured out how to make that dream come true...

Imagine how your business would grow if you could:

 I’m ready to achieve my dreams. Sign me up!

The Flat Lay Styling course teaches you the skills and theory behind brilliant flat lay styling. But it’s not just a video. You are invited to post your flat lays in my Facebook group where you’ll receive feedback from me and our entire community. Once you learn what’s working (and what’s not), you’ll intuitively do better next time, and boost your flat lay skills to the next level.

I’ll provide you the tools to create unique flat lays that will fulfill your artistic soul and dazzle both editors and clients. 

Whether you're dreaming of seeing your images in the industry's top publications or wanting to break out of a monotonous rut and attract your ideal high paying client, my flat lay course was made for YOU!

I can't wait to help you achieve your dreams!

Before & After

Just like Rich Lander of Chard Photo, before my class, your flat lays might have looked like the one on the left, but after my class, you'll create work that consistently looks like the one on the right. Once you see what goes into making a strong flat lay, you can't unsee it! It becomes intuitive and you'll learn to make them with ease.

Yours today for just $150 - instant access, keep for ever!

✔ Boost your skills so you can charge your worth (and know you’re worth it)!!! 

✔ Teach you to blend the unique artistic talent that makes you YOU with the foundations of composition so you can become a desirable in-demand commodity.

✔ Change the way you think and see composition on an intrinsic level!
✔ Guide you to develop your own style as you learn the basic building blocks of composition. 

✔ Show you how to style wedding day details and create dynamic imagery that dazzles editors and clients.

This course is a deep dive into the foundations and of composition and teaches you how to flat lay style in ANY situation with ease. You'll learn how to create a stronger body of work for your clients and help get you published. 

Introduction to Flat Lay Styling

The Introduction to Flat Lay Styling course includes the 1 hour - 10 Rules of Composition video, the PDF companion guide that teaches you flat lay logistics, and discounts to my premium vendors to build your own flat lay styling kit:

✔ An easy-to-digest breakdown of the top 10 rules of composition

✔ In-depth instruction on EXACTLY how to use each building block to create strong flat lays

✔ A reference guide with time stamps so you can easily re-watch key sections

✔ Tons of visual examples with detailed step-by-step explanations

What's included?

 I’m all in for the Introduction to Flat Lay Styling

Yours today for just $150 - instant access, keep for ever!

Wedding Professionals are Raving About the Flat Lay Styling Courses

Once you learn WHY an image is stronger, you'll learn HOW to make it intuitively, enabling you to create strong flat lays time and time again with ease!

But don't take my word for it! 

See my students’ INCREDIBLE transformations below and hear what they have to say about the Flat Lay Styling courses!

“Rebecca is quite literally the flat lay master! What a gift it is to look behind the scenes and see her process for creating her beautiful scenes. There is so much craft that goes into flat lays and I will forever admire the styling ability of a photographer who can really nail styling and photographing the details. It's what all the magazines are looking for and it's such an important skill for the photographers we hire to have"

"Rebecca!! THANK YOU! I am so inspired by The Flat Lay Styling Course! Often education in our industry feels inspirational only or barely skims the surface on top of a topic- not this! Its packed FULL of knowledge starting with the fundamentals. I loved learning not only HOW to create better flat-lays but the reason WHY it is more appealing to the eye! Handy reference guides at the end of each course with time stamps are a great tool when going back to reference a particular topic, too! I am excited to go into the wedding season ready to style all the pretty little details we work so hard to create with our clients all year. The course goes beyond just invitation styling - loved learning how to style those often difficult 3D welcome bags! Your course has given me the confidence to be a better partner with our photographers. I highly recommend this course for all planners!"

- Shannon Leahy, named one of the best wedding planners in the country by Martha Stewart Magazine

- Emily Butler, Karson Butler Events (world renowned wedding planners)

Before & After

Flat lays before and after the class by Philip Casey

Flat lays before and after the class by Emily Ganey

This course is a good fit if you:

✔ Are a wedding photographer, stationery designer, fashion stylist, planner, stylist, blogger, content creator or just want to learn how to create amazing flat lays.

✔ Are ready to level up your flat lay game and add a luxurious polish to your portfolio.

✔ Want to be in top publications to attract luxury clients and command higher pricing.

✔ Know you need to create great flat lay images to get your work in top publications, but don’t know how.

It’s up to you. 
You don’t have to refine your flat lay styling. You can keep trudging down the path you’re on. You can probably book your season full of lower budget, lovely weddings and keep trying to cobble together information on your own.

But why limit yourself? 
Investing in your business is the best way to take it to the next level. You already know that flat lay styling is the key to getting featured in the big publications, which you also know are the key to booking your dream luxury clients. If you understand the mechanics behind why certain flat lays appeal to people and know how to make yours pop, you can craft beautiful flat lays that wow your clients and stand out to editors.

Your time is now.

Will you join me?

Hell yeah! Count me in.