Learn to create magazine-worthy imagery in this brand new one-of-a-kind 111 page guide from award winning wedding photographer, Rebecca Yale.  With hundreds of features in the world's leading print and online publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides Magazine, The Knot, Style Me Pretty and dozens more, Rebecca has an in depth knowledge of what publications are looking for.  Before starting her career in weddings, Rebecca worked in fashion photography and photojournalism and brought her background from both genres into her wedding day coverage to create her unique editorial style.  In this e-guide, she demystifies everything you've ever wanted to know about getting your work featured in top tier publications and how to create imagery that looks ripped from the pages of magazines with an editorial edge.  The landscape of publishing is an ever changing field, with publications closing down and new ones opening up left and right, but the demand for high quality stunning imagery that can stand the test of time will never change.  Whether you're looking to get your work featured by major publications, regional blogs, or just step up your shooting skills and elevate your brand, this guide is for you.  This guide gives you the tools to refine your skills, but retain your voice and bring your work to the next level in your own unique way. 

Shooting with an Editorial Edge:

A guide to getting your work published and elevating your shooting style and brand.

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Below is a preview of exactly what you will find in the E-Guide on our Table of Contents Page.

If you’re looking for additional resources check out my
E-Guide Submission Workbook $50 

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Worksheet 1 is Publications Preferences and will help you keep track of what your targeted publications are looking for and what kinds of details, stories, and imagery they like to accept.

Worksheet 2 is My Submission Template which you can fill out for every wedding and editorial submission you create. Use it as a tool to match up with your list of publications in Worksheet 1 to find which publication will be the perfect fit and save months of wasted time.

Worksheet 3 is the Submission Specs and is the place to keep track of how all your favorite publications like to receive their files: the size, number, quantity, etc.

Worksheet 4 is the Submission Write Up and helps you distill the key facts from your wedding day and craft a captivating write up to accompany your submission.

Worksheet 5 is the Submission Status and helps you keep track of where you’ve submitted your weddings and editorials, what responses you’ve gotten, and the next steps to take.

 The 5 Lightroom Templates can be used to effortlessly create contact sheets like the ones seen throughout the guide. The perfect tool to check for cohesion in your color story and troubleshoot any submission. I’ve also included two fun Instagram-story sized templates for a great way to share images from your weddings or editorials on your social media! The $50 workbook is exclusively available to purchasers of the E-Guide and can only be accessed using the unique link inside the guide and a password in your receipt.

Our Illustrated Shot List is a 25 page PDF excerpted from the larger guide that gives you the tools to create your own shot list for a wedding or editorial shoot to help you get your work published. I break down every single type of image I include in my wedding day coverage. Every wedding is different so not all will apply to every wedding, but you can use it as a baseline to make your own personalized shot list with the planner and your couple to make sure you capture every moment for them and for a publication.  I also give 4 example images for each shot that you can use for reference to see exactly what I mean and as inspiration for creating your own imagery.

Illustrated Shot List

Submission Work Book

Why Should I care about being published in 2019

According to Two Bright Lights 70% of potential clients qualify their potential photographer by viewing their published work. Being published adds credibility and validation to your work and helps you increase your prices, plus it’s free marketing of your wedding portfolio and gets your fantastic work in front of thousands upon thousands of potential clients! As any editor will tell you, getting published is all about good detail images. Blogs and magazines are looking for new and interesting inspiration to share with their readers and inspiration means details! Well done details can 100% make or break a submission. And details are about way more than just getting published! There has never been a more image-saturated period in history, but there also has never been an easier time to get imagery out into the world. Sadly, most of the print giants are gone. Martha Stewart Weddings and Brides, which were two pillars of the wedding magazine community are now both online only (with Martha having one single issue a year). The millennial bride isn’t reading magazines and the question is- are they still reading the online publications? The answer is a short and sweet resounding YES. Couples are still in search of inspiration and while their path to the content has changed, they are still viewing the content. A few years ago most of my couples would pick up a magazine or go onto a website like Style Me Pretty and pin photographs to their pinterest board. Now the action is happening from the opposite direction. Brides and grooms are starting on the social media platform. They’re starting on instagram or pinterest, finding imagery they are inspired by there, and then following that imagery to the host publication’s website. The path has changed, but the results are still the same- new eyeballs on your work and potential clients in the door.

I have limited education dollars, why is this a good investment?

This course is literally everything I wish I had known 7 years ago when I was starting my business.  So many of these things seem so obvious once you know them, but you just need someone to tell you.  I'll never forget in 2013 the first planner who complained to me about another photographer who had taken awful detail photos and she was so mad that he didn't ask her for help or move things around. I remember turning beet red and thinking, I can move things around? You don't know what you don't know until you know it. My hope with this guide is to help you all skip about 100 steps (and stumbles) I had to take and give you a leg up to create polished, beautiful, magazine-worthy work.  This is not a course that will teach you to become a mini-me. There is already too much homogenization in our industry. This course's intention is to bring polish, but to bring polish to your own voice and your own work and bring out the best of what you already do.  Plus if you follow it and implement everything you've learned you'll have a very high ROI because you'll see the new work pouring in quickly! I believe strongly in every dollar invested in me coming back to my students tenfold.

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