A great photograph is about so much more than pretty tones. Join me in a 45 minute class where I will "reframe" your idea of what makes an image amazing! In this course I use semiotics, the study of visual language, to teach you how to "deep read" an image and use that knowledge to create stronger better images. So often I see photographers create good images, but have no idea how they made them, how to make them again, or how to make them great. In this course, I demystify that special quality that will take your image to the next level. The course goes over everything from using posing, framing, lighting and composition to create stronger images. This is not a beginners course that will teach photo 101, instead it spurs deeper thought on how to use those tools to create visual poetry with your images. I show never before seen outtakes from my own portfolio, including outtakes from two of my most acclaimed images- the winner of Belle Lumiere's image of the year in 2016 and winner of Rangefinder Magazine's Wedding Awards Grand Prize in 2017. I break down the thought process that goes in to making those images and all of my images! The course also includes never before seen images from a shoot I created where I purposefully pose a couple poorly- using only mistakes I see everyday in photographers portfolios- and then posed again successfully to show how the subtlest of changes makes all the difference.

The course will give you a behind the scenes look into how I use visual language like triangles and leading lines to create dynamic images that will stop a client or editor in their tracks!

Ever wonder why your wedding party portraits sometimes look incredible and sometimes fall flat? Take the guess work out of it and learn how to create images with compositional flow!

Dive into a never before seen series of images I created just for this class showing the posing mistakes I see every single day in photographers portfolios and the easy fixes to correct them!  This course will teach some tips and tricks, but moves beyond them to give you a deeper level of understanding how to read imagery and create stronger photographs! 

"Never stop learning.  My birthday gift to myself- Rebecca Yale's phenomenal More Than Pretty Tones class!!!"

Rebecca’s course was everything I needed to hear! It touched on posing (the smallest details that make all the difference), knowing when to capture multiple frames, and how to create more interesting compositions. As someone who doesn’t shoot nearly enough personal work, I especially enjoyed when she talked about her process for pre-visualization and the execution of images. Rebecca’s photos are so well thought out and executed; and it was so much fun learning from someone who has clearly mastered her craft! 

As someone who is constantly trying to grow and improve my craft to help me stand out in our competitive industry, I found an incredible amount of value in Rebecca's course.  This online class provides you with basic set of principles and offers practical tools to make your images visually stand out with both still life and people. Rebecca has a real knack for explaining the theory behind semiotics, as well as, visually illustrating what makes an image purposeful and thoughtful. There is so much new information to absorb, and I love that when you purchase the course, you will also have access to the community of fellow photographers in the form of a private Facebook group, which is a wonderful opportunity to share, get feedback on your work and help each other grow.   This course is well worth the investment and a must have for both digital and film photographers. I have learned a tremendous amount from Rebecca and cannot believe how much it transformed the way I look at my work! 

Rebecca's class has such value because she is not only changing the basics of how photographers shoot and helping perfect their skills but she is also increasing the overall quality of industry images. She breaks down what exactly it is an Editor sees in an image, how we critique it and how we constitute it as a beautiful photograph- Surprise, it's not just pretty tones! By following her advice, photographers are able to understand the decisive moment, capture it and and dive deeper to create an image that is powerful and stands the test of time."

Creative Consultant and Former Associate Photo Editor at The Knot Magazine

As a wedding planner, I work with photographers all the time and the imagery they create at my events is largely what keeps me in business. I value the planner/photographer relationship immensely and, with Rebecca's class, have found a way to strengthen our collaboration together by better understanding their process. With the valuable info Rebecca covered, from breaking down the visual language of an image to creating movement throughout a frame, I am approaching my scene styling in a completely different way and I’m providing better content for my photographers to shoot. Rebecca is truly a master of her field! 

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