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The groundbreaking new Masterclass that’s your personal roadmap to success, offering you advanced art and business school in a box.

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Break into the luxury market, hone your skills as an artist, and confidently raise your prices.

Attract & book your ideal clients in the luxury market with actionable steps for mastering your artistry and creating a business plan to reach your ultimate business goals.



Named a Top Photographer in the World by:


Your business has a solid foundation, but you know it’s time to grow to the next level and truly become a master of your craft, SO YOU CAN BOOK THE CLIENTS OF YOUR DREAMS.

You know- the ones who value your artistry and will happily pay your premium price tag because they know you're worth every penny!

The ones who are so excited to work with you and trust you to do your thing because they have 100% confidence in you to capture their day perfectly.

You’ve been in the wedding industry for years and while you’ve worked hard for what you’ve achieved, you have no roadmap to get where you truly want to be—the world of luxury weddings. 

Instead, you’ve been stalled out for a few years, stuck in the land of mid-range weddings with no idea how to get to the other side. 

You want to raise your prices into the high 4-figures or even 5-figures, but you can’t figure out how to get your clients to invest in you at that price point, especially since you’ve tried before, but after a couple of no’s, you dropped them right back down to your safe zone.

You dream of being in the luxury market, not just to make more money, but because you want to shoot beautiful things, and work with clients who appreciate your talent—truly valuing you as an artist. 

You dream of creating the kinds of images you see in the top industry publications, and you’re craving a deeper level of learning than you’ve currently found available in the wedding industry (until now). 

You’re in it for the long haul and you’re realizing you need a comprehensive system that doesn’t involve any of the quick fixes you’ve been offered in the past. You need to go deeper—much deeper.

Weddings 201 is your EXACT roadmap to success in the luxury wedding market and achieving all of your personal ultimate business goals.

The entire program is structured around building an actionable personalized business plan to achieve your unique goals. 

The masterclass begins with me helping you identify and set your personal ultimate business goals and ends with the creation of your individualized roadmap of EXACTLY how you’ll achieve them. 

No exaggeration, it really is!

And don’t worry, this course isn’t just a motivational bootcamp, I’ll give you the hard skills required for each step in your business plan—skills like mastering composition, posing, advanced lighting techniques, editing, branding, marketing, networking and SO much more!

Our businesses are all unique and so are all of our individual goals. How could a generic roadmap to success work for all of us when each of us has a unique definition of what success looks like? 

Success to you could mean jetting all over the world, shooting non-stop luxury weddings in far off destinations. Or finding work-life balance, earning 6-figures, while also getting to spend the majority of your weekends with your loved ones. Or it could be a mix of both. Or something completely different! And that’s great—your goals are valid and you can achieve them! You simply need the tools to plot a path up your respective mountain, so you can get exactly where YOU want to go.   

So, instead of giving you a generic road map that won't work, I want to empower you to make educated decisions and build your own unique business plan with confidence. I don't want to give you one measly little fish, I want to teach you to become a master fisherman! Every aspect of this masterclass was built around empowering you to build a thriving business for yourself for years to come!

You need a completely customized plan for YOUR business that works with YOUR life.

This is exactly why the lessons waiting for you inside Weddings 201 are so valuable.

This is the exact reason why other solutions you’ve tried before haven’t worked. Other educators have handed you over their personal business plans, but you didn’t get the results you hoped for, which left you feeling like a failure, frustrated that these “fool proof” methods that worked for them weren’t working for you. But you were set up for failure because generalizations don’t work! 

with this course

I want you to have the confidence of feeling like you’re the BEST photographer in the world by giving you the artistic building blocks of photography and the foundational framework of being a successful six-figure-earning entrepreneur. 

I’ve spent the last decade building my career and achieving all of my ultimate business goals and now I’ve set a new one as an educator.

✓Never again!

Have you ever cranked up your ISO to shoot your reception details in low light because you don’t know how to use artificial lighting to achieve your desired aesthetic (like recreating a natural light look)?

✓Never again!

Do you default into the same old poses time after time because you don’t know how to art direct your clients into editorial feeling images like a vanity fair style group portrait or a couples portrait that makes your clients look fantastic while also feeling like a candid snapshot?

✓Never again!

Do you shudder with fear when a prospective client asks to see a full gallery, because you’re proud of your highlights on Instagram, but are nervous about what they’ll think when they dig deeper?

✓Never again!

Have you ever felt the frustration of having your weddings and shoots rejected from publications that you know you need to be in to reach your ideal clients, but you had no idea how to improve your submission to turn that no into a yes? 

Do you dread having to defend your prices on a sales call when you’re asked for a discount, because you’re not confident in your pricing? Do you buckle and give-in, discounting below your base price because you’re worried about not booking enough for the year? 

✓Never again!


Weddings 201 is your art and business school in a box that will teach you to never default into a decision again. You will be empowered to know EXACTLY how to make the decisions that will transform your photographs and your career. 

All of this is and more is waiting for you inside…

This course will give you the exact framework you need to become a highly sought after artist in the luxury wedding industry. 

But it’s not just about artistry, you’ll also gain a thorough understanding of how to book more of your ideal clients with actionable steps for branding, marketing, and networking. 

Weddings 201 is your EXACT roadmap to all of your ultimate business goals. 


Now, I’m so excited to share my roadmap to success with you! 

I’ve spent the last decade honing my craft and building a successful business that’s enabled me to travel the world and fulfill my childhood dream of seeing my images on newsstands in the top international publications.
All of this is and more is waiting for you inside…

Years ago when I got into education, I set out to offer something different. A deeper level of learning for photographers who didn’t want to just pad their portfolios, but truly wanted to transform their craft and the way they approach it.

I want my students to feel empowered to be the best artists they can be and connect with their own unique artistic voice to best serve themselves and their clients as artists.




It's Time

Just imagine how good it will feel to know exactly how to:

✓ Manipulate all of your client’s wedding day details to make ANY wedding look like a luxury wedding through your lens. 

✓ INSTANTLY elevate your portfolio and help increase the publishability of your work so you can catch the eye of your dream clients and planners.

✓ Master your editing and achieve the exact aesthetic you desire for both your digital and film images by learning the nuances of tones. 

✓ Create gorgeous lighting, no matter the situation, with a thorough understanding of how to manipulate natural light (even harsh noon-lighting), and how to use artificial light to recreate the look of natural light (or any other look you want)!

✓ Stand out from the crowds with a strong, distinctive and unique artistic voice that proves to your clients why you're worth every penny (even when you’re the most expensive option)!

✓ Pose your clients with confidence, knowing you’re going to make them look and feel fantastic and create magazine-worthy images from every single wedding, which will in turn help you attract and book more clients!

✓ Use the same foundations of design that famous artists that everyone from Leonardo Da Vinci to Salvador Dali have been using for centuries to create eye-catching images that will stop prospective clients, planners and editors in their tracks! From flat lays to portraits, reception details, to documentary moments, you’ll have the confidence and know-how to nail them all, creating full galleries that will be your secret key to booking high-paying clients!

Hi, I’m Rebecca!

I’ve seen so many photographers waste time and money endlessly chasing down their ideal clients, spending a fortune on marketing and PR, and all for the work they showcase being the reason their ideal client doesn’t want to work with them. 

I’ve been there too! It wasn’t until I had my big Aha moment and realized this huge mistake that so many of us make. We have to show what we want to shoot—you book what you show! And in order to do that, I had to create heart-stoppingly gorgeous images that appealed to my ideal client, which is what I’ve spent the last decade doing. 

And now I want to help you do the same!

My goal is to empower you to feel like you’re the best wedding photographer in the entire world. Because if you don’t? Then fix it! It’s that simple. 

And that’s where I come in. I’m here to be your guide through that process of fixing it. Teaching you to identify exactly what you love and what you want to improve upon in your work and then I’ll teach you the EXACT skills you need to do so (like composition, posing, lighting, etc). I want you to create YOUR best work, not a carbon copy of someone else’s. Your work should look and feel uniquely like YOU, because your unique artistry is the secret to your success. It’s simple supply and demand!

i want

your wedding galleries to feel layered and emotional, with a strong and cohesive narrative that instantly transports your client back into their wedding day and becomes your key selling tool for closing your dream clients! 

I want to train your brain to intuitively use the foundations of art and composition to create heart-stoppingly beautiful photographs with ease.
I want you to learn the power of curation and how to manipulate your wedding day details to make ANY wedding look like a luxury wedding; elevating your portfolio and getting your work published, while still staying true to the authenticity of your client’s day

I want you to command a high price-tag in the luxury market, because you’re delivering a truly luxurious experience and final product (your artistry).
I want you to look in the mirror and say with confidence: I’m the best wedding photographer in the world!


I’ve been lucky to be a lifelong student of photography. I hold a degree in photography and aesthetic philosophy from NYU and have been named one of the top photographers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar, BRIDES, and Destination Weddings Magazine. My work has been featured and awarded 100+ times, and has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.
My experience has allowed me to create the career of my dreams and achieve all of my ultimate business goals. And now my next goal is to empower YOU to do the same.
This course is designed to help you break into the luxury market, create the images of your dreams—not to mention earning the salary of your dreams too—all while finding work-life balance and feeling creatively fulfilled and valued as an artist.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

Want to know my secret to success? 

My business philosophy is simple. Build your business based on your artistic skills. Your artistic voice is proprietary—it’s your commodity. No one else can do what you do. No one else can see the world through your eyes. You command your price tag because of your unique artistry.

If people like your voice, they’re going to pay you for it. And if your voice is unique enough, they will pay you more for it, because you’re the only one who speaks in that tone. It’s supply and demand. Make yourself a desirable, in-demand commodity and you can raise your prices accordingly since there’s only one of you to go around. 

Your artistry is the foundation of your business and with a strong foundation, you can build the thriving, long-lasting career and life of your dreams.

Weddings 201 is groundbreaking and unlike any other course out there because it helps you master both art & business at an advanced level

I hold a degree from NYU in photography, art history, and semiotics, and have taken everything I’ve learned there, plus advanced courses at the International Center of Photography and dozens of books and podcasts on entrepreneurship, economics, business, and marketing, and have boiled it down to just the essentials, creating an art-and-business-school-in-a-box masterclass for wedding photographers.

"Even before I finished the course, it had an impact on my work, improving my work immediately the next time I picked up my camera, because her guidance and tips have the effect where "you can't unsee it" once she points it out! She explains the science behind composition in a way that clicks. Instead of teaching you a formula to recreate over and over again, she teaches you a foundation that allows you to create strong unique imagery every time."

Success Stories

"A game changer for my business.  I saw immediate results, booking weddings with bigger budgets and better planners!"

-Emily Ganey

Ready to stand out from the crowd with a strong and distinctive artistic voice? 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✓ Advanced art-school education on composition and visual language that will demystify what makes an image successful and will train your brain to intuitively create strong images that you love with ease every time you click the shutter. Including dozens of hands-on shooting challenges and image-analysis worksheets to help you refine your skills.

✓ How to art-direct your clients rather than pose them, in order to create magazine-worthy portraits.

✓ How to create a full gallery that wows prospective clients by mastering the foundations of photojournalism and learning to craft layered and nuanced narratives through macro and micro storytelling.

✓ How to master advanced lighting techniques, from manipulating harsh natural light, to using artificial lighting (including strobes and video light) to emulate the look of natural light, or any other look you want! It includes over two dozen of my “lighting recipes” with lighting diagrams and formulas that show you my exact settings with detailed explanations for how I calculated them and how you can recreate them in any situation you encounter. 

✓ How to master your editing by learning the nuances of tonality to achieve the exact aesthetic you desire from both your digital and film images.

✓  How to master your detail photography including your flat lays, reception details, styled vignettes, etc. to instantly elevate your portfolio. Learn to manipulate the details in front of your lens and how to curate your work to make it look just as luxurious and refined as the images created at styled-shoot workshops.

✓  All the unwritten rules for getting your weddings and shoots featured by the top publications (unwritten till now that is, because I’ve written them ALL down for you)!

Plus, on the business side:

✓ How to set and raise your prices with confidence by using my advanced plug-and-play pricing calculator and metrics sheet (no math or spreadsheet skills required). Learn to maximize your profit and create a business plan for long-term growth.

✓ How to set up your business with a strong legal and financial foundation for long-term success, including the ins-and-outs of contracts, training your team, creating a detailed back-up plan, and setting up a studio management system. Plus my curated supplier recommendations and over $1000 in discounts for my premium suppliers for contract templates, gallery hosting, studio management, sales tools, and so much more!

✓ My exact workflow from initial inquiry to final delivery, including pricing pamphlets that appeal to luxury planners and clients, and detailed checklists for pre-wedding, wedding day, and post-wedding workflow, including my step-by-step editing and delivery workflow that can be used by film, hybrid, or digital shooters.

✓ How to create your own customized email response templates for prospective client and planner inquiries with my detailed instructions and expert advice so they will be in your personal brand voice and actually work (no generic templates that hundreds of other photographers will also be sending out)! 

✓ How to master your sales workflow from booking clients to post-wedding sales, including my detailed strategy for sales consultations, with a template to make your own consultation workflow script to send your booking rate through the roof (even when you’re the most expensive option). 

✓  Expert branding advice with actionable steps from top creative consultant, Sarah Kay Love, on curating your website and social media to target your ideal clients, and my students receive an exclusive discount for a personalized brand-audit with Sarah. PLUS you’ll get my detailed branding worksheets that help you define your ideal client, curate your website, write your website copy (including an artist’s statement), and so much more!

✓ How to create your own customizable business plan, that I’ll teach you how to fill out, setting your personal ultimate business goals at the beginning of the course, and then culminating the course by mapping out your step-by-step action plan to achieve all of your goals.

"This masterclass is HUGE with so much incredible information, it is truly like no other! I am speechless with the amount of information… Rebecca literally gives you every answer to any question you ever had about wedding photography. I have gained so much perspective about every aspect of the wedding photography industry and what I want to achieve for my business. Since taking this course my knowledge and understanding of the industry has grown immensely, but more than that, my personal goals have grown to be more mindful of what I want for my business and I have since been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Style Me Pretty."

Success Stories

“The only class you ever need to take to understand the wedding photography world! ”

-Adriana Klas

Weddings 201 Includes:

✓ An introduction to goal setting with a worksheet to define your personal ultimate business goals.

✓A 600+ page e-book on the art of wedding photography with advanced lessons on defining your artistic voice, artificial and natural lighting, composition, editing, storytelling, and so much more.

✓ A 2 hour video lesson on posing that teaches you how to art-direct, prompting rather than posing, plus a 300 + page reference guide.

✓ An 150+ page e-book that covers every step of the wedding workflow needed to run a luxury business.

✓ My advanced, four-part flat lay styling video series, including my narrated styling of over 100 flat lays.

✓ A 475+ page e-book on how to master your detail photos and get your weddings published. 

✓ A 200+ page advanced business e-book that teaches you the exact tools I used to build my six-figure business, including my plug-and-play pricing calculator tool with my strategy for how and when to raise your prices, a blueprint for breaking into new markets and destination weddings, and all the branding, marketing, networking, and sales skills required to thrive in the luxury market.

Plus: A private Facebook group

Goal Setting


An introduction to goal setting and creating a business plan. Plus a five page worksheet to define your Ultimate Business Goals, which will become your guiding light, helping you make important business decisions for yourself throughout the masterclass.

◾ 1 E-Book: Introduction to Weddings 201
◾ 1 Worksheet: My Ultimate Business Goals
◾ 1 Challenge: Curation Challenge
◾ Over $1000 in Discounts from Premium Vendor Partners Including Contract Templates, Studio Management Software, Styling Kit Items, Online Gallery Software, Branding Consultant, + More

The Art of Wedding Photography

module 1

"Art-School-In-A-Box." You'll learn how to identify your artistic voice and master the building blocks of strong imagery: composition, perspective, color, tones, mood, posing and lighting (artificial and natural). Plus the foundations of photojournalism and how to craft a strong full gallery by creating a strong narrative using layered macro and micro storytelling

◾1 E-Book: Art of Wedding Photography (600+ pgs)
◾12 Worksheets: Image Analysis, Intentional Imagery, Caption It Rule, Reverse Engineered Photographs, No More Excuses, Finding Your Voice, Movement, Flow, & Focus, Exposure Test, Identifying Ideal Tones, Posing Philosophy, Location Scouting, Full Gallery Analysis
◾8 Shooting Challenges: SOOC, Perspective, Single Lens, Color, Mood, Lighting, Artificial Lighting, Storytelling

Art Directed Posing

module 2

Learn the art of art-directed posing and the power of prompting rather than traditional "posing" to create authentic, candid feeling portraits that make your clients look and feel fantastic. 

◾2 Video Courses: Introduction to Art Directed Posing and The Fundamentals of Body Language (2 hours)
◾1 Companion E-Book Reference Guide (300+ pages)
◾1 Worksheet: Body Language Analysis
◾5 Shooting Challenges: Creating Your Go-To's, Vocalics, 360 Degrees, Vanity Fair Group Portraits, Before & After

Systems for Success

module 3

Learn all of the necessary steps to set up your business and every wedding day for success, including contracts, suppliers, studio management systems, timelines, shot lists, and so much more! Plus how I streamline every step of my workflow from the initial inquiry to post-wedding sales and how to make it a luxurious experience.

◾ 1 E-Book: Systems for Success (175+ pgs)
◾ 7 Worksheets: Client Inquiry Response Template, Planner Inquiry Response Template, Backup Plan, Reverse Engineered Solutions, Wedding Prep Client Discussion, Wedding Prep Details Questionnaire
◾ 13 Resources: What's in My Bag, Second Shooter Guidelines, Assistant Guidelines, Wedding Day Workflow Checklists, Full Wedding Day Shot List, Illustrated Shot List, Detail Shot List, Sample Timelines + Shot Lists w/ and w/o a First Look, Sample Shot Lists for Divorced Parents, Young Children, Partner & Partner

Flat Lay Masterclass

module 4

Learn how to apply the foundations of composition to your flat lays and go behind the scenes with 5+ hours of video lessons including live styling of 100+ flat lays from a bird's-eye-view so you see exactly what I see while I narrate my action so you know exactly what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

◾  4 Video Courses: Introduction to Flat Lay Styling, Course One: Wedding Day Paper Goods, Course Two: Bride and Groom's Personal Details & Rings, Course Three: Styling with Cohesion
◾  1 E-Guide: A Video Companion and Workflow Guide
◾  2 Worksheets: Flat Lay Troubleshooting Worksheet, Flay Lay Thumbnail Checklist
◾  5 Styling Challenges: Before & After, Mood Board, Random Grab Bag, One Card, No Flowers
◾ 1 Resource: My Styling Kit + Styling Kit Discounts
◾ 1 Tool: Flat Lay Demo File for Photoshop

Shooting with an Editorial Edge

module 5

Learn how to shoot with an editorial mindset, elevating your brand and getting your work published. Master every step of your detail photography, from creating vignettes like the signature drink to installations like the ceremony and reception details. Plus the ins-and-outs of getting published and how to send your submission acceptance rate skyrocketing with my workbook.

◾ 1 E-Book: Shooting with an Editorial Edge (450+ pgs)
◾ 7 Worksheets: Publication Preferences, Submission Specs, Submission Attributes, Client Questionnaire, Write-Up Formula, Submission Status, Vendor Delivery
◾ 7 Resources: 5 Lightroom Contact Sheet Templates, Attractive Nuisances Quick Reference Guide, Bride's Bouquet Angles Reference Guide, Bridesmaid's Bouquet Reference Guide, Identifying the Hero Angle Reference Guide, Single Place Setting Reference Guide,
Still Life vs. Install Flow Chart 

Creating a Business Plan

module 6

Learn how to create a detailed business plan to achieve all of your ultimate business goals. Learn my advanced strategies for pricing for profit & growth, client acquisition (branding, marketing, and networking), and honest sales for the reluctant sales person. Plus an hour video course on how to use my Pricing Calculator Tool to determine exactly how and when to raise your prices.

◾  1 E-Book: Creating a Business Plan (200+ pgs)
◾  1 Video Course: Raising Your Pricing
◾  1 Tool: Pricing Calculator Tool & Profit Projections Metrics Sheet
◾  7 Worksheets: Business Plan, Artist's Statement, Opportunity Cost, Sales Consultation, Target Acquired, Valuable Life Lessons, Curation Challenge
◾  6 Resources: Blue Print to the Luxury Market, Glossary of Important Economic Terms, Minimum Price Formula, Package Creation Template, Sarah Love's Social Media Tips, Website Curation

Here are the six modules waiting for you inside:

Plus! Over $1000 in discounts from my premium suppliers, who I’ve carefully curated and am sharing with my students! They include my favorite styling kit items, studio management software, contract templates, a top branding consultant, client web gallery host, portfolio website host, my amazing film lab, and so much more!

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"We are 5 years into a full-time 6-figure business, and I can say without question that Rebecca’s courses have served as a giant step up to a new level in our work. I see moments differently, I see images and people differently, I direct and shoot differently, and most importantly I see life differently after having taken Rebecca’s courses. I now have the confidence of one of the Best Wedding Photographers in the WORLD and all of her knowledge behind me. It’s the meatiest, most well-thought-out course I personally have ever taken, and I can tell that my business has improved even more just over the last few weeks, even days. There shouldn’t be a question if you should purchase this course, other than, “when?” 


Success Stories

"I mean, holy sh*t. Pricing, growing, marketing, networking, booking, and post-wedding sales. Like literally what does Weddings 201 NOT COVER?"

-Shannon DeWitt

Let me put some perspective into your decision

$3000 Investment → $10,000 Return

If you're debating whether to make a $3k investment and are considering how long it would take you to earn back that $3k, let’s explore!

 If you can raise your prices by just $500 per wedding after the investment (hopefully even more) and you book 20 weddings for that year at that price, you'll see a 333% return on your investment. By investing in this masterclass, you could earn $10,000 more in revenue than you otherwise would have. That's why I'm so passionate about creating education with good ROI.

 After 20 weddings booked when you raise your prices by just $500

 I believe good education should pay for itself (and then some)!

If you raise your prices by $500, you'll break even on your investment by booking just 6 new weddings, and every wedding after that is profit. If you book 20 weddings for the year, you'll have a net profit of $7,000 after deducting the cost of the investment. 

If you raise your prices by $1,000, you'll break even on your investment after booking just 3 new weddings, and every wedding after that is profit. If you book 20 weddings for the year, you'll have a net profit of $17,000 after deducting the cost of the investment. 

If you continue to raise your prices by $1000 each year for 5 years (and book 20 weddings per season), you’d earn an additional $297,000 in revenue in those 5 years that you wouldn’t otherwise have earned. That’s in addition to what you’re already making. Choosing not to invest in yourself is often the more expensive business-decision in the long run. 

What could you do with an extra $297,000? 


✓ My plug-and-play pricing calculator tool and metrics sheet (with exclusive features for Weddings 201 students only) that will calculate your packages for you (no math or spreadsheet skills required), calculate your custom packages, and create a detailed risk analysis that will give you the confidence to know how and when to raise your prices. The tool analyzes the exact pros and cons of raising your prices so you can see precisely how many weddings you’d need to book at various price points to hit your profit targets. You’ll also be able to calculate your exact growth investment to see how much you should be investing back into your business to spend on things like education, marketing, branding, and network to grow your business and book your ideal clients. 

✓ My getting published workbook that will send your acceptance rates through the roof! The workbook includes 7 worksheets that will help you organize your submissions, amplify your feature’s reach, and save you time by making targeted submissions so you don’t waste time sending them to the wrong place. You’ll also get help creating your write-up. 
My 10 step blueprint for breaking into luxury weddings, including how to break into new markets including expanding into destination weddings

✓ A personalized business plan template with clear actionable steps and a detailed strategy for your pricing, honing your skills as an artist, branding, marketing, networking, and sales. 

✓  Templates, checklists and detailed lessons for every step of your workflow including how to create personalized inquiry response email templates that actually work and 1000 other photographers won’t also be sending! 

✓ A sales consultation worksheet, where you’ll learn to create a script for yourself with every selling-point you need to hit during the conversation. Learn how to turn a negative into a positive, so you’re actually selling yourself when you’re asked those dreaded questions you’re hoping prospective clients don’t ask- like why you’re so expensive and will you give them a discount?

✓ A thorough understanding of how to fill your calendar with your ideal clients with actionable steps for branding, marketing, and networking. Including step-by-step instructions and worksheets for creating a website, pricing pamphlet, styled shoots, and a brand identity that appeals to your target luxury clients (there’s even a worksheet to help you define who your ideal client is so you can be sure to target them). Plus social media tips from a branding expert, curation worksheets, and instructions for proper vendor outreach to network with planners and other photographers—a necessity when working in the luxury wedding space.

✓ My Post-wedding sales strategy to send your profit through the roof with detailed plans for selling prints, albums, and wall art that actually converts and results in significant sales!

✓ A sales consultation worksheet, where you’ll learn to create a script for yourself with every selling-point you need to hit during the conversation. Learn how to turn a negative into a positive, so you’re actually selling yourself when you’re asked those dreaded questions you’re hoping prospective clients don’t ask- like why you’re so expensive and will you give them a discount?

✓ A thorough understanding of how to fill your calendar with your ideal clients with actionable steps for branding, marketing, and networking. Including step-by-step instructions and worksheets for creating a website, pricing pamphlet, styled shoots, and a brand identity that appeals to your target luxury clients (there’s even a worksheet to help you define who your ideal client is so you can be sure to target them). Plus social media tips from a branding expert, curation worksheets, and instructions for proper vendor outreach to network with planners and other photographers—a necessity when working in the luxury wedding space.

✓  My Post-wedding sales strategy to send your profit through the roof with detailed plans for selling prints, albums, and wall art that actually converts and results in significant sales!

“Rebecca Yale’s Weddings 201 Masterclass is a Photographer’s dream regardless of experience level. Equivalent to a College Course (but way more affordable), packed with an incredible amount of information and such in-depth knowledge that it’s easily one of the most comprehensive courses available today. Whether you’re a Photographer just starting your career who would greatly benefit by this fast-track knowledge base, or a seasoned pro looking to learn and improve your craft, it’s an investment worth every bit of time and money."

"A Photographer's dream."

-Beatrice Howell 

Here’s what you need to consider:

Whether you've been shooting for ten years and have hit a plateau and can't reach that next level of charging five-figures or you've been shooting for a few years and are eager to break into the luxury wedding market, but don't know where to start, I'm here to help!

Successful careers start with solid business plans. If you build your business on top of a shaky foundation, everything will come crashing down when you hit a bump in the road. 

Most of us (myself included) didn't set out to be entrepreneurs when we set our sights on wedding photography, but like it or not, that's what we are! 

From the outside, it might seem like our jobs are all glitz and glamour, but so much more goes into a successful career than taking pretty pictures. Our artistry and unique points of view are how we establish our brands, but without the systems in place for managing our businesses, we will never sustain them. 

Whether you've got a decade of experience under your belt, but can’t crack the 5-figure club, or you’ve been hustling hard for a few years and are eager to start shooting your dream clients and send your salary soaring—this course was designed for YOU!

When an entrepreneur is aiming for growth, they must allocate part of their revenue back into their business as one of their overhead expenses. Growth should be a line item on your balance sheet. Most businesses don’t turn a profit for their first two years. Not because they’re bad entrepreneurs, but because they’re wisely investing their profit back into their business to grow it bigger.

As small business owners, we may not be able to go years without taking any money out of our businesses—I certainly couldn't—but we can reframe how we see our earnings, differentiating between our revenue, profit, and our salary, which I teach you how to do in Weddings 201. When you understand the difference, you can make a plan to exponentially increase your salary in the long term!

If you want to grow your business and reach all your ultimate business goals, it’s time to invest in yourself. 

Investment always has some risk, it's inevitable. But if you do your research and invest wisely, you don't have to be scared. You can invest in yourself with confidence by enrolling in Weddings 201, because it was created with a high ROI (Return on Investment) in mind, meaning for every dollar you invest now, you’ll get multiple dollars back later in profit. 

Weddings 201, was designed from the bottom up to make you better artists and stronger businesses, enabling you to charge a higher price-tag and earn back every dollar you invested in this masterclass (plus earn many more).

Betting on YOU is the best bet your business can make! And with Weddings 201, here to support and guide you, there’s no gamble. Investing in YOU is a safe bet to make, satisfaction guaranteed!

"I'm typically skeptical about online courses - but Weddings 201 is completely unique in the photography education space. This is the most thorough and actionable course I've ever seen! It's difficult to describe just how much valuable content Rebecca has pulled back the curtain on here, and the thoughtful way the course is structured delivers both immediate "aha" moments and concepts that you'll want to come back to time and time again. This is not a "this is how I did it" course. This is deep learning, that allows you to scaffold to the next level up in your craft and business."

Success Stories

MIND. BLOWN. This is deep learning, that allows you to scaffold to the next level up in your craft and business.

-Anna Peters

Wondering if Weddings 201 is the right fit for you?

You should enroll & join us inside if you

✓ Aren’t filling up your calendar with your ideal clients or at your ideal price point.

✓Have a basic understanding and knowledge of the foundations of photography and composition 

✓ Are looking to fill your toolbox with the exact skills you need ( lighting, posing, composition, photojournalism, etc.) to create images that will get you into your dream publications and attract your ideal clients.

✓Want to raise your prices to the high 4-figures or 5-figure investment point

✓ Want to work with the industry’s leading planners, florists, and designers

✓ See your work published in the top industry publications

✓ Crave a deeper understanding and level of knowledge than is available to you at workshops

✓Desire an art school experience without the art school tuition fees

✓ Are ready to feel completely fulfilled by your work

✓ Have been searching for a clear roadmap to success with actionable steps that cut through the noise and fluff, and save you time and money.

This is not for you if you’re…

✓ Newer in the Wedding Photography industry with under 3 years of experience. In that case, I highly recommend Weddings 101, my foundational masterclass. It includes my tried-and-true 10 step plan for launching and leveling up your business as well as an introduction to composition and intentionality. My advanced masterclass might feel overwhelming without that foundation so I suggest starting there. Once you graduate from 101, you can enroll in 201 and apply 40% of your 101 tuition payment to the 201, saving $340.

✓ Not willing to put in the work. This isn’t a styled shoot workshop where you’ll immediately walk away with portfolio-padding images. Instead, this course will teach you how to create portfolio-worthy images every time you pick up your camera. 

✓ Not interested in growing your business and earning more money, but instead just want to add pretty photos to your portfolio.

✓ Not ready to invest time and money back into your business. Truthfully, you can’t grow your business if you don’t invest back into it. It’s not alchemy. While investing can feel scary, when you’re confident you’ll see a high return on your investment, which is exactly what this course was designed to do, you’re not making a gamble at all, you’re investing in a sure thing that will send your salary soaring! 

There’s so much fluff out there! And then the stuff that isn’t fluff can be overwhelming or not applicable to your business, this course isn’t either of those things. Weddings 201 was specifically built for YOU! No BS, just the crystalized information you need to thrive. 

The masterclass will fundamentally change the way you create images and run your businesses - but you have to do the homework and complete the entire course to see the results (but I promise it’s fun)!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Still on the fence?

Still unsure if you’re ready for the commitment?

Don’t be! I offer a 30-day refund policy for Weddings 201. 

In order to qualify for your refund we will ask that you send us the following:

+ All completed coursework for modules one and six, including your business plan, worksheets, and shooting assignments, showing in good faith you applied yourself to the lessons.
+ Proof of active participation in the Facebook group
+ A detailed explanation for why this course didn’t work for you so that we can learn and improve our future educational resources.

 If all of this is completed and you don’t find value in the course teachings or worksheets, please email us at info@rypweddingphotographyacademy.com to request a refund before the specified refund request due date with the proof of your completed work.


Q: Which masterclass is right for me?

Great question! Weddings 101 is my foundational masterclass for wedding photographers who are ready to level up their careers and want to thrive in the luxury market. It was designed for photographers in the first 5 years of their career. It’s meant for photographers who are looking to learn the basics of composition and begin the journey of refining their craft. It’s an introduction to intentionality with shorter lessons that are easier to digest and complete. A good indication is if you’re not fully booking a full season yet, start here.

Weddings 201 is my advanced course for wedding photographers who are looking for a more in-depth experience and are ready to make a larger financial and time investment into your business. For this course, you should have at least 3 years of experience and be filling up your calendar (even if you’re not booking the ideal weddings or price point you want). 

To clarify, Weddings 101 introduces artistic concepts and provides overviews of them. Weddings 201 dives deep into them, literally giving you a 600+ page e-book and five-part video series that will become your “art-school-in-a-box.” After Weddings 201, you’ll never have to default into a decision again because you don’t know how to do something differently. You’ll be empowered to know EXACTLY how to create the images of your dreams. No more doubting or guessing your posing, lighting, or composition ever again.

If you’re between the two courses, you will get more out of 201, but you’ll need to dedicate more time to it to learn and master the techniques since it’s a much more robust and in-depth course. 

Q: Can I take both Weddings 101 and 201?

Absolutely! While there is some overlap between the two courses, Weddings 201 greatly expands upon and dives much deeper into each topic; including advanced lessons on posing, artificial and natural lighting, composition, photojournalism, pricing, economics, branding, marketing, networking, sales, and SO much more. 

It includes over 100 resources, worksheets, and shooting assignments.

Weddings 201 is a larger financial and time commitment than Weddings 101 so we recommend starting with 101 if you're in your first 3 years of business or haven’t formally studied photography before.. The 101 has a module on getting started and building your career in the earlier stages that you won't want to miss out on! Plus it includes a 45-minute crash course video lesson on shooting with intention that will instantly transform the way you see the world through your lens.

For students who graduate from the 101 and want to continue their studies by enrolling in the 201, you'll be able to apply 40% of your investment from the 101 to the 201’s tuition—which is $340, making the 101 course practically a steal!

Q: I’m brand new, is this right for me?

Someday soon, but for now, you should head over to my foundational masterclass, Weddings 101, which was designed with you in mind! It includes my 10 step plan for launching and leveling up your business. This course contains more advanced concepts and business strategies that you can advance to, but I suggest you start with 101 and come back here to enroll in 201 after you’ve completed it and you’ll be able to apply half of your tuition payment for the 101 to the 201. 

Q: I’ve been shooting for 5+ years, will this be relevant for me?

Yes!! This was designed with exactly you in mind! My goal in creating Weddings 201 was to offer a groundbreaking educational experience that would be a comprehensive “art & business school-in-a-box” that teaches you exactly what you need to thrive in the luxury wedding market. Whether you’re 3 years in or 10 years in, if you have a desire to grow your business, this course was made for you!

Q: I already own some of your courses, will this be redundant?

Absolutely not! While all of my old courses have been incorporated into Weddings 101 and 201, they’ve been re-worked and I’ve introduced SO much new content that I’ve been hard at work on for the last two years, but never made available till now. If you’ve already purchased Introduction to Flat Lay Styling, the Full Flat Lay Styling Masterclass, Wedding Workflow, or Shooting with an Editorial Edge, please email me at info@rypweddingphotographyacademy.com, with a copy of your receipt(s) and exactly which courses you’ve purchased and I will send you a discount code for my new masterclasses equal to 50 cents on the dollar of what you previously invested . Please note, you must have purchased the course directly from me to be eligible for the discount, it is not available for courses purchased through any third party bundles. Discount can not be combined with other promotions or discounts and can only be applied to the full priced course.

Q: I am swamped right now with wedding season, when will the masterclass open again for enrollment?

We completely understand and know it is the HEIGHT of wedding season, but we released the course as soon as we could because we wanted you to be able to get your hands on it ASAP! 

There are pieces you can skim over now to immediately level up your work and refine your portfolio. Then you can dive into the rest of the course material whenever your season slows down and you have more time to invest in education. You will have evergreen access to the course materials, so if you're too busy now to get started, don't sweat it! 

If you're eyeing the course for Fall enrollment, we encourage you to get started NOW to secure the special introductory pricing for the Summer semester and don't wait to begin your transformation!

There are so many pieces in the course like how to shoot details, shot list and timeline guidance, posing help, and so much more that will immediately have an impact on your work, so do NOT wait to start reaping the benefits and use this wedding season to level up and refine your portfolio so you can attract your ideal luxury clients for next season! 

Join us inside to find out! 

Every time you take a picture you make dozens of conscious and unconscious decisions. Everything from framing to posing to lighting, to location scouting and the colors you allow within your frame are choices that affect the success of an image. 

Listen, so much more goes into a great photograph than snapping the shutter. 

So, what truly makes an image successful?

The answer is inside Weddings 201. 

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