The 5-part system for wedding photographers who are ready to have more confidence in themselves, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and feel artistically fulfilled.

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Ready to scale your photography business with photos that captivate your ideal clients?

Break into the luxury market and make the kind of money you’ve always dreamed of.

Named a Top Photographer in the World by:


Except right now instead of capturing that market, you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of not being able to land those clients because you don’t have a portfolio that speaks to the next level you’re after.

While you are shooting mid-level weddings and you’re grateful for that, you don’t have a concrete plan for upleveling and tapping into the luxury market you desperately want to be in.

At this point, it almost feels like you’ll never break through and part of you is almost too afraid to try because imposter syndrome keeps coming in at full force and it makes you feel like you’re not ‘good enough’ for the next level.

While you and I both know that’s not true, the real reason you feel that way is because no one has taught you how to create stronger images or the hard skills that go into shooting luxury weddings.

You’ve been hustling in the photography world chasing your big, ambitious dreams, and part of that dream is being in the luxury market, shooting beautiful weddings, and feeling fulfilled as an artist.

There are a lot of things you’ve been told to do in this industry to be successful...

📷 Attend expensive styled shoot workshops at least once a year.

📷 Participate in elaborately styled shootouts.

📷 Buy popular and overly-hyped courses.

📷 Read books, blogs, study Instagram posts and tips.

But so far, those things haven’t exactly advanced your business to where you want it to be.

You haven’t found the sweet spot that falls between overly-posed and not posed enough and it always causes you to sweat a little (or a lot) when you’re about to send over their online gallery.


Feeling a lack of confidence when a client steps in front of the camera because you’re a little unsure how to pose them so you fall back to the same 5 poses over and over (and your IG feed shows it).


You’ve taken a few photos you love, but are frustrated you can’t create them consistently without formal photo school training on lighting and composition.


Attending those photography workshops where you left with beautiful imagery for your portfolio, but no ability to recreate any of those images again on your own.


Does this sound a little bit like how all of that played out for you?

That’s because teaching “here’s what worked for me so just copy it” doesn’t work!

With this course, I’m not trying to turn you into a carbon copy of me, I’m teaching you how to build solid foundations for the long haul that will help you build the luxury business of your dreams.

This isn’t a styled shoot workshop where you’ll walk away with an immediate portfolio filled with high-end images that you can use to attract clients, but instead, this will fundamentally change the way you create images and run your business.

You see, I know you’ve tried to figure this out on your own and have been taking stabs in the dark at learning how to take better images, figuring out your pricing, and attracting your ideal client, but trying to do it yourself has only ended up costing you MORE money.

If you made the upfront one-time investment into a course that would help you grow exponentially and raise your prices properly, then you could easily earn thousands more than trying to DIY it.

Trust me when I say, it’s more expensive to DIY it than to invest in yourself and do it right.

This course takes out all the guesswork and prepares you for success to finally reach that next level of the luxury market you’ve been eyeing.

Let's Do this!

Weddings 101 is a robust course that will give you actionable steps to instantly elevate your work and continue your growth. 

If you could snap your fingers, I’d imagine you would… 

Have a thorough understanding of how to take high-end photos so gorgeous that you’d have a calendar filled with dream clients who happily pay your premium rates.

You’d feel confident charging more because you have the business know-how to back up every move you make—no more pricing guesswork or having to take on too much work and stretching yourself too thin!

But, right now, that feels impossible to have, doesn’t it?

Not anymore!

Here’s what you need:

📷 Hard photography skills for stronger images that your dream clients will swoon over.

📷 The marketing and branding skills to have your ideal clients clamoring over each other to work with you.

📷 Confidence to raise your prices, knowing you are pricing for profit.

📷 To invest in yourself for growth with an actual game plan that guarantees a return on your investment.

All of this (and so much more) is waiting for you inside Weddings 101!

You’re about to ditch imposter syndrome, gain confidence, raise your prices, and break into the luxury market with a sense of authority.

The 5-part system for wedding photographers who are ready to have more confidence in themselves, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and feel artistically fulfilled.

This system will not only teach the building blocks to create the images of your dreams, but it will also give you the business savvy tools you need to attract your ideal clients, price yourself for profit, and increase your revenue by working smarter not harder.

I’m empowering you with the tools to train your brain to intuitively create portfolio-worthy images every time you click the shutter.

It’s time to bet on yourself by investing in yourself with Weddings 101.

Weddings 101 was designed from the bottom up to make you a better artist and a stronger business owner, enabling you to charge more money and earn back every dollar you invest here.

I have dreamed about this course for almost 10 years and it’s truly unlike anything else on the market. I’ve gathered everything I learned during my time at NYU and ICP studying photography, art history, and aesthetic philosophy, plus my years of working in commercial photography, fashion photography, and documentary photography and boiled it down to this.

This course contains only the essential information saving you years of art school (not to mention art school tuition) and serving up everything you need to know in an easy-to-digest program!

I'm SO ready!

“It is hard to put this course into words other than a resounding WOW! You literally included everything in this Masterclass to start, run and succeed in the wedding photography world! Each one of these modules is an intense dive into each aspect of business, the wedding photography industry, pricing your business and artistry of your brand. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is motivated and looking to develop their brand and overhaul their business! All the essentials (and much more) are here! I felt so motivated to apply everything learned in these modules--from creating my best portfolio, studying the industry, figuring out the best pricing structure for my business, to developing my artistry. Specifically, Module 5 and learning about pricing and the cost of doing business is literally priceless! It gives so much guidance into looking into your local industry and making a profit! There are so many important take away points from these modules, but I think one of the biggest and most impactful is feeling confident in your own brand and artistry.

These modules helped me take a hard look into my business model, working smarter to create the outcome I desired and a major boost in confidence to provide my clients with the absolute best photography on their wedding day. After applying these methods I have increased and developed my package/pricing structure to match my desired client and increased my bookings. Knowing how much this Masterclass can help your business, when applying the tools provided, really makes this experience worth every single penny! Continuing to learn about the industry and furthering my career, both in business and artistry, with this course is the best investment I’ve made in myself and business. Overall my objective is to always provide my clients with the most authentic memories from their wedding day and I know these modules helped get me there.

 I am so incredibly happy with the outcome! I cannot recommend it enough! The course is truly priceless!!! There is so much here I would easily pay $3,000+ for this Masterclass!”

“The course is truly priceless!!! There is so much here I would easily pay $3,000+ for this Masterclass!”

Success Story

-Adriana Klas

Weddings 101 is the exact roadmap to:

📷 Defeating imposter syndrome.

📷 Charging your worth because you actually are worth it (and you know it)!

📷 A better work-life balance because you're thriving in the luxury marketplace.

📷 More confidence in your self and your work.

📷 Being financially and artistically fulfilled by the work you create.

Ready to make all of this happen without fumbling over how to truly achieve it?

yes, I'm so Ready!

Take the kinds of photos you’d take at a curated workshop on a regular basis with ease.

Part of the reason I created Weddings 101 is because I saw many photographers attend styled workshops hosted by big-name photographers and they’d simply shoot over the shoulder of said photographer without absorbing or understanding the skill behind it.

I want you to be able to recreate your favorite all star images time and time again because you have a thorough understanding of lighting, posing, composition, and instilling confidence in your client.

I’m here to empower you to use visual language to take your own jaw-dropping photos, not just copy mine. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my students succeed and I know my courses and workshops have been a game-changer in helping so many photographers level up their businesses and that’s what I’m passionate about focusing on and delivering a very high ROI.

My goal is to be as objective as possible so you can take the building blocks I teach and run with them, making them your own.

 Because when you establish yourself as a unique and strong artistic voice in our industry, you'll be able to command higher pricing because only you can do what you do! It's simple supply and demand! That’s the basis of my philosophy that I built my six-figure business on and have now built my masterclass around it too!

A sneak peek of what’s inside:

This 5-part masterclass is a mix of e-books, video training courses, worksheets, shooting assignments, and a business bootcamp to completely transform your business from the bottom up. It will empower you with the tools you need to train your brain to create portfolio-worthy imagery every time you click the shutter!

Getting Started

module 1

Go behind-the-scenes of my decade-plus career journey and learn the ten essential steps for building or growing a successful wedding photography business starting with intentional goal setting. Everything you need to build your own roadmap to success.

◾ 1 E-Book: Getting Started (52 pgs)
◾ 1 Worksheet: Ultimate Business Goals
◾ Over $1000 in Discounts from Premium Vendor Partners Including Contract Templates, Studio Management Software, Styling Kit Items, Online Gallery Software, Branding Consultant, + More

Intentional Imagery

module 2

You'll learn how to create captivating photographs using the power of intention and visual language. Create stronger, more purposeful imagery with ease.

◾ 1 Video Course: More Than Pretty Tones (43m)
◾ 1 E-Book: A Guide to Visual Language + Behind the Frame Anthology (193 pgs)
◾ Workbook: 4 Worksheets and 4 Shooting Challenges
◾ Worksheets: Finding Your Voice, Intentional Imagery, Portrait Troubleshooting, Behind the Frame Write Up
◾ Shooting Challenges: SOOC, Hero Shot, Posing, Storytelling

Introduction to Flat Lay Styling

module 3

Learn the 10 building blocks of composition to transform your work and how to apply them to your flat lay styling. These building blocks are applicable WAY beyond just flat lays - they are the foundations of visual literacy and strong imagery.

◾ 1 Video Course: Introduction to Flat Lay Styling (80m)
◾ 1 E-Guide: A Video Companion Guide and Flat Lay Workflow Guide 
◾ 2 Shooting Challenges: Before & After, Mood Board
◾ Discounts with Premium Vendors to Build Your Own Styling Kit

Introduction to Wedding Workflow

module 4

Learn the fundamentals for workflow to set up both your business and each individual wedding day for success—from contracts to portfolio websites, training your team and timeline/shot list creation and everything in between!.

◾ 1 E-Book: Introduction to Wedding Workflow (60 pgs)
◾ 3 Worksheets: Reverse Engineered Solutions, Finding Your Voice, Personal Affairs Organizer
◾ 2 Timeline Templates: Timeline + Shot List w/ First Look and w/o First Look
◾4 Workflow Resources: Detail Shot List Template, What's in my Camera Bag, My 90+ Image Illustrated Shot List

The Business Boot Camp

module 5

Learn the fundamentals of pricing for profit and growing your business. Start with my pricing philosophy for charging your worth, then learn my simple package structure and how to use the concept of conversion rates and opportunity cost to confidently make all of your major business decisions.

◾  1 E-Book: The Business Bootcamp (79 pgs)
◾  3 Worksheets: Investment, Opportunity Cost, Target Acquired
◾  2 Templates: Wedding Package Creation, Business Plan
◾ Optional Add-On: Plug-and-Play Pricing Calculator & Metrics Sheet


Exclusive savings and discounts for my students from my favorite suppliers for everything from studio management to contracts and flat lay styling items.
Over $1000k in savings, which is double the investment in the course!

LEt's do this!

Ready to go to your next wedding more prepared than ever before?

And take your business to the next level?

Access this ‘insanely impactful course’ for only:

one payment of


2 payments of


Or super flexible payment plan:


6 payments of


I'm in!

“First of all, I don't even know where to begin. I've learned so much through this insanely impactful course. I consider myself a lifelong learner, and I was blown away by how thoughtful each topic was carefully covered. I felt the pace of the modules moved perfectly, and there was no fluff - the real examples to go along with the learning topics were key for someone like me, and using real-world context to connect back to wedding photography made the skills seem attainable, and easier to understand, especially for someone who was not "classically" trained in photography and the fine arts. The "More Than Pretty Tones" should be a required course for all wedding photographers - I learned more in that section than I have in any other course I've ever invested in, and it was the most impactful section for me, personally out of all the modules.

This was seriously the kick I needed to continue elevating and take these tools and make them actionable. I walked away not only feeling inspired but empowered as an artist, a tool that is not taught enough in wedding education. There's a wealth of information already about how to market, connect, and do the technical things to have an overall successful day, but cultivating an identity as an artist, be recognized as such, and using that artistry to elevate the client experience and our own personal experience as artists is exactly what this course pushes you to own, and I can't imagine someone walking away not growing exponentially!”

“I learned more in one module than I have in any other course I've ever invested in.”

Success Story

-Sacia Matthews

Tell me, how would it sound to…

📷 Move past your fear of failure, defeat imposter syndrome and finally feel good enough to charge your worth?

📷 Have the business savvy & confidence to attract your ideal clients?

📷 Create a better work-life balance where you are working LESS and still earning MORE?

📷 Feel fulfilled both financially & artistically by the work you create?

📷 Have full confidence in your portfolio, your skills, and making your clients feel amazing when they’re in front of your lens?

This is exactly what this course is here to help you accomplish—in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. 

I'm ready to level up!

I believe in creating such outstanding and unique work that your ideal clients come knocking down your door lining up to work with you.

Hi, I’m Rebecca yale!

I’ve seen so many photographers waste time and money endlessly chasing down their ideal client, spending a fortune on marketing and PR, and all for the work they showcase being the reason their ideal client doesn’t want to work with them.

My goal is to help you shoot differently by teaching the building blocks of photography, including manipulating light (both natural and artificial), how to pose couples and large groups, and art direct a scene.

I want your wedding galleries to feel layered and emotional, with a strong and cohesive narrative.

I want you to use the basic elements of composition to create beautiful photographs with ease and know how to elevate your weddings to get them published, while still staying true to the authenticity of the day.

This is why I created this course and this is what I want you to walk away with.

I hold a degree in photography and aesthetic philosophy from NYU. I've been named one of the top photographers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar, BRIDES, and Destination Weddings Magazine. My work has been featured and awarded 100+ times, and has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide.

My experience has allowed me to create the career of my dreams and achieve all of my ultimate business goals. And now my next goal is to empower YOU to do the same.

This course is designed to help you break into the luxury market and make the kind of money you dream of making while still finding work-life balance so you can avoid burnout.

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As Seen in...

Could you imagine being featured in Martha Stewart Weddings?

It’s not as far off as you might think with this course!

📷 Break into the luxury market and attract your ideal client?

📷 Shoot the work you’re proud of and feel fulfilled artistically?

📷 Have more confidence in yourself to create strong work?

📷 Make 6-figures and be able to support yourself and your family, while also being able to do everything from paying your rent/mortgage to taking luxurious vacations?

📷 Work less and earn more with a healthy work-life balance?

Are you ready to?

This course framework starts with YOUR goals which becomes the guiding light that informs all your business decisions moving forward.

“WOW is the first word that comes to mind with this course. I truly wish I had known about this course when I first started, as it would have at the very least saved me SO MUCH time figuring out pricing, how to shoot for publication, understanding composition, and so much more. It's actually incredible to me that there even IS a 201 because this is such an incredibly robust course! I can't even fathom how much precious TIME this would save people in the beginning to intermediate stages.

This course packs everything it would take a Photographer years to learn, all into a course that you can circle back to and find something new within every single time. More Than Pretty Tones and Flat Lay Styling 101 already taught me SO much and were worth every penny times TEN, but adding in more explanations, information, steps to better set yourself up for these shots, and the Pricing Calculator make me downright mad at myself that I did not invest in a robust course like this sooner. The YEARS I spent attending free webinars and trying to scrape together what this course covers with just one investment. And for what you’re getting? A no-brainer of an investment at that.”

Success Story

“This course packs everything it would take a photographer years to learn, all into a course that you can circle back to and find something new within every single time.”

-Shannon DeWitt

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There is a ton of "fluff" out there when it comes to education so I wanted to show you exactly what you're getting when you enroll in my Weddings 101 Masterclass. Watch my unboxing video that walks you through each module:

Take a peek inside the course!

Is Weddings 101 right for you?

You should absolutely join us if you…

+ You are looking to bring your art and business to the next level (because as wedding photographers they’re one in the same)!

+ You dream of becoming a luxury wedding photographer. Not just for money, but because you love to shoot beautiful things and create meaningful photographs for your clients.

+ You want to feel fulfilled by your work and be the best artist you can be.

+ You crave a deeper level of knowledge than is available to you at workshops and want an art school experience.

+ You want a clear road map to success with actionable advice that you can implement to transform your business, avoiding common pitfalls and saving you time and money.

And it’s probably not for you if you’re…

- A more advanced photographer who has been in business for a minimum of 3-5 years. If this is you and you are ready to go all in, investing in yourself both financially and making the time-commitment, skip over to Weddings 201!

- Someone who doesn’t want to put in the work. This isn’t a styled shoot workshop where you walk away portfolio-padding images that you’ll try to use to attract your ideal clients (because that alone doesn’t work!). Instead, this will fundamentally change the way you create images and run your businesses - but you have to do the homework and complete the entire course to see the results (but I promise it's fun).

- Someone who doesn’t want to grow their business and earn more money and just wants to add pretty photos to their portfolio. You should invest in a styled shoot.

- Someone who isn’t ready to reinvest back into their business. You can’t grow your business if you don't invest money back into it. Investing in yourself can feel like a leap of faith, like you're throwing money down the drain. But when you understand the basic economic theory that I'll teach you in this course, you'll understand exactly how and when to bet on yourself and invest with confidence to send your salary soaring! 

Ready to make the “best investment ever?”



In Weddings 101, I’ll teach you how to raise your prices and make smart investments into your business so you can grow to new heights and raise your salary exponentially!

Hold in your hands the exact road map to building the best wedding photography business you possibly can - and not fumbling around trying to achieve it.

Have a better work-life balance while still making GREAT money doing what you love (work doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy it).

Increase your confidence with a stronger set of skills behind the camera, which also helps you build trust with your clients.

Leave imposter syndrome behind and begin charging your worth! Earn an income that allows you to support yourself in ways that felt unreachable in the past.

By the end of Weddings 101, you will…

I'm so ready!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Still on the fence?

Don’t be, I’m so convinced you’ll see a massive ROI that I’m offering your money back within 18 months if you don’t.

I believe if you do all the work, practice the techniques, and use the worksheets and shooting challenges, you will see a mind blowing ROI.

If you can prove you’ve implemented everything AND show me your packages from the previous year and the new one, as well as your balance sheet that shows you weren’t able to raise your prices and re-coup your investment in 18 months time, I’ll refund you every penny.


Q: I'm a hands-on learner and I’d rather take a live course than an online one. How will I learn from this?

I completely understand this and feel the same way! That’s why I’ve created easy to use worksheets and shooting challenges so you can practice the lessons within the course and hone your skills as an artist at your own pace on your own schedule. You have the opportunity to go back and reread or re-watch the material countless times! These masterclasses aren’t meant to be watched just once- they’re meant to train your brain and then work as reference material that you can return to for years to come. There are many PDFs throughout the masterclass that you can save to your phone and refer to on wedding days or shoots, including my illustrated shot list, timeline templates, camera bag checklist and so much more! Every student will also get access to my Facebook community where you can share images and receive constructive feedback. I’m creating an art school experience where you can learn and grow together!

Q: I’m brand new, is this right for me?

Yes! This course was created with you in mind, giving you all the tools I wish I had when I was starting out. I set out to create a “career in a box” giving you all the knowledge necessary to launch or level up your business and set it on the fast track to success. Your skills as an artist are at the center of your business and are the focus of much of the course, because your artistry is what enables you to build a brand and reputation for yourself, commanding higher pricing. However, the masterclass goes beyond artistry and also addresses the practical side of running a business too, like pricing for profit and streamlining your workflow. My past students will tell you this is a MUST for anyone starting out. 

Q: I’ve been shooting for 5+ years, will this be too basic for me?

This course was designed for anyone looking to level up their business, whether you’re just starting out or have been working for 10+ years. So many self-taught photographers work for years on auto pilot, not truly understanding why they do the things they do and it holds them back from reaching the next level of their career. They plateau and can’t charge their worth or book their dream clients. This course will teach you the fundamentals of business and art to fill in any gaps in your knowledge and provide you with the tools to understand why you create your art the way you do so you can hone in on what you're already doing well and amplify it! If you’re looking for a more comprehensive course, head over to Weddings 201, but if you’re not ready to make the time or financial commitment yet to enroll in the advanced masterclass, there’s a ton of value for you here!

Q: I’m a little nervous to invest. How do I know this is worth it? 

The saying is true: You can't make money without spending money. You can't expect to grow your business if you don't invest back into it. This could be time, money or a combination of the two. But it's not alchemy, you have to put something into your business to get something out of it. Most business courses will tell you to reinvest 30-50% of your profit back into your business, that’s a little aggressive for us as small businesses, but we should aim to reinvest 10-20% if we want to grow. And if you’re worried whether or not this is a good investment, let me assuage your fears by guaranteeing that you’ll see a return! If you complete the course, do all the work, and don't earn back the cost of the course in 18 months, I’ll fully refund your investment! *See refund qualifications at checkout in terms and conditions.

After completing this course, if you raise your prices by just $500/wedding (and hopefully you'll raise even more!!), the course will pay for itself after just 2 weddings. And anything after that is pure profit! If you book 22 weddings for your next season with your new pricing, the course will pay for itself and you'll earn an extra $10,000 in revenue for the year. That's why I'm so passionate about creating education with good ROI. I believe good education should pay for itself (and then some)!

Q: I already own some of your courses, will this be redundant?

Absolutely not! While all of my old courses have been incorporated into Weddings 101 and 201, they’ve been re-worked and I’ve introduced SO much new content that I’ve been hard at work on for the last two years, but never made available till now. If you’ve already purchased More Than Pretty Tones or Introduction to Flat Lay Styling, please email me at, with a copy of your receipt(s) and exactly which courses you’ve purchased and I will send you a discount code for my new masterclasses equal to 50 cents on the dollar of what you previously invested . Please note, you must have purchased the course directly from me to be eligible for the discount, it is not available for courses purchased through any third party bundles. Discount can not be combined with other promotions or discounts and can only be applied to the full priced course.

Q: Can I take both Weddings 101 and Weddings 201?

Absolutely! While there is some overlap between the two courses, Weddings 201 greatly expands upon and dives much deeper into each topic; including advanced lessons on posing, artificial and natural lighting, composition, photojournalism, pricing, economics, branding, marketing, networking, sales, and SO much more. It includes over 100 resources, worksheets, and shooting assignments.

Weddings 201 is a larger financial and time commitment than Weddings 101 so we recommend starting with 101 if you're in your first 3 years of business or haven’t formally studied photography before.. The 101 has a module on getting started and building your career in the earlier stages that you won't want to miss out on! Plus it includes a 45-minute crash course video lesson on shooting with intention that will instantly transform the way you see the world through your lens.

For students who graduate from the 101 and want to continue their studies by enrolling in the 201, you'll be able to apply 40% of the 101's tuition to the 201’s investment—which is $340!

Q: Which masterclass is right for me?

Great question! Weddings 101 is my foundational masterclass for wedding photographers who are ready to level up their careers and want to thrive in the luxury market. It was designed for photographers in the first 5 years of their career. It’s meant for photographers who are looking to learn the basics of composition and begin the journey of refining their craft. It’s an introduction to intentionality with shorter lessons that are easier to digest and complete. A good indication is if you’re not fully booking a full season yet, start here.

Weddings 201 is my advanced course for wedding photographers who are looking for a more in-depth experience and are ready to make a larger financial and time investment into your business. For this course, you should have at least 3 years of experience and be filling up your calendar (even if you’re not booking the ideal weddings or price point you want). 

To clarify, Weddings 101 introduces artistic concepts and provides overviews of them. Weddings 201 dives deep into them with a 600+ page e-book and five-part video series that will become your “art-school-in-a-box.” If you’re between the two courses, you will get more out of 201, but you’ll need to dedicate more time to it to learn and master the techniques since it’s a much more robust and in-depth course. 101 is faster to complete and will have an immediate impact and is an absolute necessity for photographers in their first few years of business.

"I always look forward to seeing what education Rebecca releases because I know it is going to be the real deal. Weddings 101 is no exception - it’s my new wedding bible. This is the kind of course I wish had existed when I was getting started. So many photographers can tell you what they did to grow their artistry and business but they can’t tell you why it worked or break the ideas down into the fundamental concepts you can apply to your own business. This course is the opposite. It’s one part art school theory, one part no-nonsense business coaching, and one part inspiration/motivation.

If you’re willing to put in the work, this course will pay for itself multiple times over by the time you implement just half of the goldmine of information inside. There’s really nothing like it that I’ve seen offered for new photographers out there."

Success Stories

“It’s my new wedding bible.”

-Anna Peters

- Rich Lander, Chard Photo

“Even if I don’t have a ton of time on the morning of the wedding day to set up an elaborate flat lay, Rebecca’s flat lay course has given me the confidence and know-how to walk into the room and set up something gorgeous in such a short amount of time. She breaks everything down in a way that is simple to understand and easy to remember when everyone is frantically getting ready. She’s a brilliant educator!”

“The way that you have described creating an image and also finding your voice is unlike any other educator. Most are very direct in "here is what works for me so you can make money taking pictures of people posed exactly like I do" It is disheartening to be made into a copy of someone because they lack the ability to lead you to find the true version of your own artist. It is the easy way out.”

-Amy Kolodziej

Access this ‘insanely impactful course’ for only:

one payment of


yes, I'm so in!

2 payments of


Or super flexible payment plan:


6 payments of