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Rebecca Yale

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You’re tired of struggling. Struggling to produce the beautiful work you know you’re capable of. Struggling to find the high-budget clients you really want to work with. 

Are you...

Frustrated with your imagery?

Sick of the wedding day frenzies? 

Discouraged because you’re not attracting your ideal client?

Searching for artistic fulfillment?

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Hi, My name is Rebecca Yale!

I've been a working photographer for over 10 years, shooting everything from weddings to fashion and wildlife in 50+ countries. 

My work has been featured in hundreds of publications, including Martha Stewart Weddings, People Magazine, and The Knot. I was named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper's Bazaar, Brides, and Destination Weddings magazines. 

I built my 6-figure photography business in under 3 years by becoming the absolute best wedding photographer I could be — creating incredible imagery and offering stellar customer service. Instead of tirelessly chasing after my ideal client, I created my ideal work. Now my ideal clients come to me!

I can't wait to teach you to do the same! Best of all? I break everything down so you can create your dream business with ease!

Whether you’re a planner ready to improve your flat lay styling and get published in your dream magazine, or a photographer looking to attract those $10K+ clients, my courses are made for YOU! 

Many courses show you great images. But my courses are designed to rewire your brain and teach not just the HOW of great imagery, but WHY an image is great. No more stumbling into images you love with no clue what makes them great or how to recreate them. I'm turning art into a science — training your brain to create the perfect frame!

Ready to level up? 


Are you a…

I’m offering the keys to your dreams.

Are you brave enough to unlock the door?

Don’t Quit Your Day Dream!