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Grow your photography business to the next level with these robust courses and resources to help you skyrocket your career and break into the luxury market.

Feel both financially and artistically fulfilled by the work you create in a fraction of the time—6-figures here you come!

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What you’re after is a thorough understanding of how to take incredible photos so heart-stopping you fill your calendar with dream clients who happily pay your premium rates.

You want to wow your clients and feel artistically fulfilled and you need the next-level strategies to get you there.

 You want to feel confident charging more because you know you’re worth every penny! You’ve been searching for the business know-how to back up every move you make—no more pricing guesswork or having to take on too much work and stretching yourself too thin!

It’s time to stop daydreaming and turn your dreams into your reality!

Hi, I’m Rebecca yale!

Meet your teacher

Since childhood, I’ve dreamed of becoming a photographer and taking photos that mattered. Photos that would have a legacy and live on past me.

My passion led me to NYU where I studied photojournalism, fashion photography, and aesthetic philosophy, focusing on photography's ability to mold the way we see the world.

After 20+ years of honing my craft, I am now an award-winning, internationally acclaimed photographer, named one of the Top Photographers in the world by Brides, Harper’s Bazaar, and Destination Weddings magazines, and have been featured in 100+ publications.

And now I'm on a mission to be a part of YOUR success story.

My goal is to help you shoot differently by teaching you the building blocks of photography, including manipulating light (both natural and artificial), how to pose couples and large groups, and art direct a scene.
I want your wedding galleries to feel layered and emotional, with a strong and cohesive narrative.
I want you to use the elements of composition to create beautiful photographs with ease and know how to elevate your weddings to get them published, while still staying true to the authenticity of the day.

This is why I created these courses and this is what I want you to walk away with.

These courses are designed to help you break into the luxury market and make the kind of money you’ve always dreamed of while still finding work-life balance so you can actually enjoy your success, spend time with your loved ones and avoid burnout. 

I created these masterclasses to empower every single photographer with the tools to become the very best wedding photographer YOU can be! 

For many years I had a single goal: To be the BEST wedding photographer in the world!

It took me years to learn that "the best" isn't a quantifiable measurement. There's no such thing. The best is subjective. HOWEVER, we CAN and SHOULD each think we're the best. Because if you don't? You can fix it! Learn to master whatever skills are holding you back and empower yourself to feel like the best! I created these courses with the goal of helping every photographer reach their full potential so you can feel like the best version of YOU. 

By learning HOW we all read and interpret images, you will learn WHY we're universally drawn to certain photos. You'll learn WHY one image is stronger than another and HOW to easily create strong photographs yourself intuitively! You will learn to break images down, and just like a muscle, build them back up stronger. Both of my masterclasses help you turn art into a science, learning the objective building blocks of strong imagery that you can use to create the images of your dreams (and your ideal clients' dreams too)! I want to help you "learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist," which is a favorite quote of mine from Pablo Picasso. You’ll feel empowered to take images you love with ease every time you click the shutter. And after you master the art of wedding photography, I'll teach you the equally important marketing and business strategies to reach your full potential as an entrepreneur to transform your career and your life.

Step one

Here’s how...

Start with Behind the Frame, my free e-book that turns art into science. I pull back the curtain on 25 of my favorite images, taking you behind the scenes and breaking down exactly what went into making them. You’ll learn the building blocks of strong imagery so you can create breathtaking images you love with ease—time and time again!

Are you ready to reach the power of your full potential?


Looking for something more advanced?

Posing Guide

The Posing Guide is a quick reference guide for go-to poses with an editorial edge for weddings, engagement sessions, and editorial shoots. It breaks down 100+ poses, teaching you exactly how to position your clients to achieve natural-looking images that are both flattering and feel like authentic, unposed moments. Plus poses that feel like they’re ripped straight from the pages of a fashion magazine.

Learn how to find the perfect balance between unposed sloppiness and overly-posed cheesiness. Gain confidence and never again feel the panic of what to do with your clients when they step in front of your lens. And for just $37! I know it sounds too good to be true, but I’m serious about revolutionizing the way we approach posing as an industry! I want this guide to be a no-brainer for every wedding photographer to have in their pocket, saved on their phone.

Weddings 101

Weddings 101 is my introductory course that teaches you how to build a strong foundation for your artistry and your business. Learn how to have more confidence in your work, raise your prices to earn more money while maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and feel artistically fulfilled.

This system will not only teach the building blocks to enable you to create the images of your dreams, but it will also give you the business savvy tools you need to attract your ideal clients, price yourself for profit, and increase your revenue by working smarter not harder.

Weddings 201

Weddings 201 is my advanced groundbreaking comprehensive educational experience that’s your personal roadmap to success, offering you a complete art-and-business-school-in-a-box experience. You will learn the in-depth skills necessary to master your artistry including advanced compositional techniques, posing, lighting, photojournalism, editing, how to shoot flat lays, elevate the look of any wedding through your lens and so much more.

You’ll also learn how to create a personalized business plan with my detailed strategies for setting and raising your prices, and attracting and booking your ideal clients in the luxury market. The masterclass will leave you with actionable steps you need to help you achieve all of your personal ultimate business goals.

STOP tirelessly chasing down your ideal client and START attracting them to you.

Here’s what you need to do it:

📷 Hard photography skills for stronger images that your dream clients will swoon over.

📷 The marketing and branding skills to have your ideal clients clamoring over each other to work with you.

📷 Confidence to raise your prices, knowing you are pricing for profit.

📷 To invest in yourself for growth with an actual game plan that guarantees a return on your investment.

All of this (and so much more) is waiting for you inside my masterclasses!

You’re about to ditch imposter syndrome, gain confidence, raise your prices, and break into the luxury market with a sense of authority.

Weddings 101 is no exception - it’s my new wedding bible. This is the kind of course I wish had existed when I was getting started. So many photographers can tell you what they did to grow their artistry and business but they can’t tell you why it worked or break the ideas down into the fundamental concepts you can apply to your own business. This course is the opposite. It’s one part art school theory, one part no-nonsense business coaching, and one part inspiration/motivation.

If you’re willing to put in the work, this course will pay for itself multiple times over by the time you implement just half of the goldmine of information inside. There’s really nothing like it that I’ve seen offered for new photographers out there.

Success Stories

It’s my new wedding bible! I always look forward to seeing what education Rebecca releases because I know it is going to be the real deal!

-Anna Peters

"This masterclass is HUGE with so much incredible information, it is truly like no other! I am speechless with the amount of information… Rebecca literally gives you every answer to any question you ever had about wedding photography. I have gained so much perspective about every aspect of the wedding photography industry and what I want to achieve for my business. Since taking this course my knowledge and understanding of the industry has grown immensely, but more than that, my personal goals have grown to be more mindful of what I want for my business and I have since been featured in Harper's Bazaar and Style Me Pretty."

“The only class you ever need to take to understand the wedding photography world! ”

-Adriana Klas

Success Stories

The training and education for photographers in the wedding industry is lacking

 Workshops give you the opportunity to take nice pictures to fluff up your portfolio, but they don’t teach you how to go and create those beautiful images yourself time and time again—these courses do. Turn every image you take into a portfolio-worthy image!

Let’s address the top question: which masterclass is right for me?

Weddings 101 is my foundational masterclass for wedding photographers who are ready to level up their careers and want to thrive in the luxury market. It was designed for photographers in the first 5 years of their career. It’s meant for photographers who are looking to learn the basics of composition and begin the journey of refining their craft. It’s an introduction to intentionality with shorter lessons that are easier to digest and complete. A good indication is if you’re not booking a full season yet, start here.

Weddings 201 is my advanced course for wedding photographers who are looking for a more in-depth experience and are ready to make a larger financial and time investment into your business. For this course, you should have at least 3 years of experience and be filling up your calendar (even if you’re not booking the ideal weddings or price point you want). 

To clarify, Weddings 101 introduces artistic concepts and provides overviews of them. Weddings 201 dives deep into them, literally giving you a 600+ page e-book and five-part video series that will become your “art-school-in-a-box.” After Weddings 201, you’ll never have to default into a decision again because you don’t know how to do something differently. You’ll be empowered to know EXACTLY how to create the images of your dreams. No more doubting or guessing your posing, lighting, or composition ever again.

If you’re between the two courses, you will get more out of 201, but you’ll need to dedicate more time to it to learn and master the techniques since it’s a much more robust and in-depth course. If you're ready to go all in to achieve your big dreams and transform your career and your life, you're ready for Weddings 201.

The Weddings 201 Masterclass and online community that Rebecca has created is the guide you need to ascend to your full potential as a successful wedding photographer. Her years of experience and education (including what she’s learned from mistakes she’s made), have all been poured into this course. You’ll be guided on everything from technical aspects to your artistic voice to business tools. Get ready, because it’s only up from here. You may have gone to photography school or have shot 100+ weddings, and while there’s so much to learn through both of those avenues, there’s no real opportunity to learn how to be a successful wedding photographer across the board. Until now. This course helps you skip over making years of mistakes, creating mediocre images, facing self-doubt, and wondering how to reach your goals. This is the most all-encompassing course I’ve come across, and the sheer amount of information in it really has the ability to transform someone’s career in a multitude of ways.

If you could bypass years of making mistakes in your business, creating mediocre images, and doubting if you’ll ever reach your career goals, I bet you would. Thanks to this masterclass, Rebecca enables you to do so, teaching you the why behind it all, giving you the tools to become the best photographer (and businessperson) you can be, and all the while, empowering you. This is the guide to getting it done that you will be so glad you have pretty much as soon as you dive into it."

"Why climb Everest alone when you can have the knowledge and assistance of a Sherpa by your side?

-Shira Savada of Shiramisu, former real weddings editor at Martha Stewart Weddings