I can't wait to help you achieve your dreams!

I created my BRAND NEW 

Weddings 101 & 201 Masterclasses

to empower every single photographer with the tools to become the very best wedding photographer you can be!

For many years I had a single goal:

Be the Best Wedding Photographer in the World

It took me years to learn that 
"the best"
isn't a quantifiable measurement.
There's no such thing.
The best is subjective.


We CAN and SHOULD each think we're the best.
Because if you don't?

You can fix it!

I created this course with the goal of helping every photographer reach their full potential.

Teaching you how to analyze your work, identifying exactly what you need to improve and giving you the tools to do it.

The entire course is built around the idea of: 

the study of how our brains interpret imagery

By learning HOW we all read images, you will learn WHY we universally like certain photos.

You will learn WHY one image is stronger than another and HOW to easily create those types of photographs yourself! 

You will learn to break images down and just like a muscle, build them back up stronger.

Turn Art into a Science

Empower yourself to take images you love with ease every time you click the shutter.

Master the marketing and business tools to set yourself up for success.

STOP tirelessly chasing down your ideal client and START attracting them to you.

Get ready to become your version of

The Best Wedding Photographer in the World!

You are the only thing standing in the way of your dreams. 

Wipe away your self-doubt.

Wipe away your fear.

Wipe away your limiting beliefs.

No more excuses!


Are you ready to make amazing photographs?!

Are you ready to manifest the career AND salary of your dreams?!

It's time to stop dreaming and make your dreams your reality!

So are you ready to join me?

My name is Rebecca Yale and I've been a working photographer for over 10 years shooting everything from weddings to wildlife in 50+ countries. I've been honored to have my work featured in hundreds of publications around the world including Martha Stewart Weddings, People Magazine, and The Knot and was named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper's Bazaar, Brides and Destination Weddings Magazines. I studied photography, art history and aesthetic philosophy at NYU and have turned everything I learned there and from my time working in the field into a masterclass to empower YOU to create the strong, dynamic, powerful imagery you've always wanted to create.

Within my first 3 years as a wedding photographer I built a six-figure business and had been published in my dream publications including Martha Stewart and Style Me Pretty. I built my business on the simple principle of being the absolute best wedding photographer I could be, focusing on creating incredible imagery and having stellar customer service. Instead of tirelessly chasing after my ideal client, I created my ideal work, attracting them to me and I can't wait to teach you to do the same! Best of all? You'll learn to create it with ease! 

No cookie cutter imagery here!

My goal is for you to discover your artistic voice, giving you the tools to create incredible imagery that will fulfill your artistic soul and dazzle your clients. 

Whether you're dreaming of seeing your images in the industry's top publications or wanting to break out of a monotonous rut and attract your ideal high paying client whose out there just waiting for you, my courses were made for YOU!

They were designed to re-wire your brain, teaching you not just HOW to make great imagery but WHY an image is great! No more stumbling into images you love with no clue why or how to recreate it. I'm turning art into a science- training your brain to create the perfect frame!

Your artistry makes you worth your price tag. No one else can shoot the way you can. No one else can see the world the way you do. I'll teach you to blend your unique artistic talent that makes you YOU with the technical skills in my courses and you can become a desirable in-demand commodity.

And the amazing thing about supply and demand?

The more demand, the higher your price!

Build your business by creating amazing work.

Work smarter not harder.

Work less, earn more.

What are you waiting for?!

I'm Ready to Let Myself Shine!


-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Here's what others are saying about my Wedding Photography Academy Courses

Before & After

Check out this awesome DM we received on Instagram from Lauren Renee Photography!

It was easily the best thing I could have done for my business and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Although I felt confident about my body of work, I can now say with certainty that she taught me how to make my work stronger by telling me to look at each photo and ask myself 'why'? Why did I take the photo? What was unique about it? It was hard at first to look through my work with a critical eye, but it helped tremulously in making my brand stronger and my message clearer. She pours her heart and soul into her education and I believe, above all, that she wants me to succeed in my business, which is a rare find in the wedding photography industry. If you are looking for someone to give you a healthy dose of butt-kicking motivation and to provide you the tools you need to grow your business in ways you never thought possible, then Rebecca is the one to do it. Run, don't walk!

-Kerry Jeanne Photography

“It can be hard as a solo business owner and artist to really have a good critical eye with your work and Rebecca's course was so thought-provoking. Similarly, learning her pricing was extremely helpful. Since the course, I have, with a good plan in mind, begun strategically changing my prices and I just wish I would've had these tools sooner. But, I am so thankful to have them now! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Rebecca as a person, a teacher, and a photographer. She went out of her way to ensure that I, my work, and my business grew! Since taking Rebecca's course, I have booked my first wedding with a full-service wedding planner and have already begun moving into different pricing projections because of my bookings! I seriously have to step back and take it all in. A year ago, this would've just been a hope, not a reality and something for me to tangibly work towards."

-Erika Aileen Photography

I'm ready to unleash my potential!!!
Take me back to the course!!!

How amazing is this before and after by Rich of Chard Photo?!

Here's what Rich had to say about my Flat Lay Masterclass:

Even if I don’t have a ton of time on the morning of the wedding day to set up an elaborate flat lay, Rebecca’s course has given me the confidence and know-how to walk into the room and set up something gorgeous in such a short amount of time. She breaks everything down in a way that is simple to understand and easy to remember when everyone is frantically getting ready. She’s a brilliant educator! 

- Rich Lander, Chard Photo

Kerry Jeanne, who was published in both Brides Magazine and Martha Stewart after taking my program, wrote to me and said: 

Here's some of the instagram and text messages I've received from my amazing students!

What makes this masterclass different from other online workshops?

My signature method is completely different than any other course or workshop you’ve ever taken. My foolproof method is rooted in Semiotics, which is the study of how our brains interpret imagery. Our brains are universally wired to be attracted to certain compositional truths and by learning them, we can harness their power and create dynamic and engaging imagery that captures our viewers attention. Art might be subjective, but composition is not. We can use these tools to our advantage to make objectively stronger image that is universally appealing. Instead of teaching strict rules of how to mimic or copy my style, I teach empowering building block techniques that you can use to create strong imagery that still feels uniquely you. My method will literally train your brain, re-wiring it to intuitively see stronger images. The techniques will click into place and you’ll intrinsically know when to click your shutter on the perfect frame.

I truly believe we can turn art into a science, creating an alphabet that you can use to write your own unique poetry. It might sound overwhelming at first, but visual language is just like any other language. At first it might seem overwhelming and you have to translate back and forth, but eventually- with practice- you become fluent and are just speaking the language. I can help you train your brain to just intuitively create stronger images. And this is the crux of my signature method. Instead of padding your portfolio and fruitlessly chasing after your ideal client, I believe in empowering you to create work so incredible that your ideal client starts chasing after you! Lining up to work with you, happily paying you the top dollar price tag you deserve for your one of a kind artistry.

Why did you create this course?

Because I want every single wedding photographer to have the confidence to say, “I’m the best wedding photographer in the world!”

I have dreamed about this course for almost 10 years and I’m so excited to finally bring it to fruition! I truly believe it is unlike any other workshop or course on the market. The idea behind this two part masterclass series, Weddings 101 and 201, is to give you every single tool you need to create a successful career in wedding photography. I’ve gathered everything I learned during my time at NYU and ICP (The International Center of Photography) studying photography, art history and aesthetic philosophy plus my years of experience working in the commercial world of photography in both fashion and documentary photography and condensed it into two masterclasses. I’ve boiled it down to the essential information, saving you years of art school (not to mention art school tuition) and serving up everything you need to know in an easy to digest program!

So often when I ask my mentees or fellow photographers why they shot something in a certain way the response is- I never thought about it shooting it differently, or I don’t know how to shoot it differently. This is a cycle I hope to break, by teaching the building blocks of photography, including how to manipulate light- both natural and artificial, how to pose couples and large groups and art direct a scene. How to tell a layered and emotional story of the wedding day and create a narrative with your images. How to use the basic elements of composition to make beautiful flat lays with ease and how to create a shot list for publications and manipulate the wedding day details to create optimum images for publications, while still staying true to the authenticity of the day.  

I have limited education dollars, why is this a good investment?

I believe education should have a high ROI. Every dollar invested in education should come back to you many times over as you build your business. That is why I have spent years crafting my masterclasses, testing them and re-working them, to make sure that my students walk away with a solid foundation of skills that won’t just help them take pretty photos, but will help them transform their careers and reach their business goals. 

I am equally as passionate about running a successful business as I am about photographic artistry. When people ask what I do, I don’t say wedding photographer, I say I’m an entrepreneur. Because that’s what we are! Being a talented artist is vital, but it only gets you so far. Our artistry may build our careers, but our business minds are what sustain them. Pricing and marketing don’t have to be confusing and I love demystifying the process by sharing what’s worked and just as importantly, what hasn’t worked for me in building a six-figure business, which I was able to do in just 3 years. And I’m talking about NET not GROSS and if you don’t know the difference, don’t worry I’ll explain it all to you inside the masterclass!

I know workshops with styled shoots can be tempting to build a portfolio and this one doesn’t include any hands on shooting, but it will teach you the skills necessary to turn every single wedding or shoot into a portfolio-worthy work of art. So often I hear photographers complain that they created great images at a shoot out, but didn’t actually learn how to pose, how to art direct, hot to style, or how to light. So I wanted to focus on these foundational skills, pulling back the curtain on my work, explaining the thought process behind every decision I make before I click the shutter. 

All the skills in my masterclasses will help increase your chances of getting published by teaching you how to create a color story, craft a narrative and create strong detail images. According to Two Bright Lights 70% of potential clients qualify their potential photographer by viewing their published work. Being published adds credibility and validation to your work and helps you increase your prices, plus it’s free marketing of your wedding portfolio and gets your fantastic work in front of thousands upon thousands of potential clients! That alone should pay back your investment in the masterclasses many times over.

My intention is not for you to learn to mimic my voice, but to teach you how to find your own and execute it with precision. An artist should be immediately identifiable by their work- looking at a photograph by Dorthea Lange and Walker Evans or by Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, there is no mistake whose it is. There is a clear voice of an artist behind his or her image. That is how we as artists command our pricing. Your voice is proprietary, it is your special sauce that makes you worth your price tag because only you have it. I want to help you find your voice, giving you the vocabulary and tools to train your brain to create heart-stopping, powerful imagery that you and your clients will love.

I'm a hands on learner, I’d rather take a live course than an online one. How will I learn from this?

I completely understand this and feel the same way! I need to see and touch things to internalize them! I started this course as a live in person class originally and I realized quickly that there was more demand than I could fulfill- and way beyond Los Angeles- so I spent a long time figuring out how to not only recreate, but enhance the in person experience and I 100% believe this does! The in person class is limited to a small time frame and once it’s over it’s over! Whereas here you have the opportunity to go back and re-read or re-watch countless times at your own pace! These masterclasses aren’t meant to be watched just once- they’re meant to train your brain and then work as reference material that you can return to for years to come. There are many elements throughout both courses that are easy to use reference guides that you can save to your phone and refer to on wedding days or shoots, like our posing guide and shot list.
Every student will get access to my facebook community where you can share images, ask for feedback and critique and get a taste of that in person experience. If you want a more personal live course experience you can check out my Advanced Live A&B Workshop, The Art & Business of Wedding Photography. However, I not only recommend you start with Weddings 101 & 201, I require it! I view my A&B intensive like a college course and the two masterclasses are the textbooks. You need to read 101 & 201 to be able to fully understand and get the most out of the live workshop experience. The advanced workshop and my private one-on-one mentorships are only available to students who have completed the two masterclasses.
What’s the difference between the two masterclasses? Will I need both?

Weddings 101 & 201 were designed to be taken individually or together. We recommend taking both together and offer a discount when you enroll in both at the same time. You can check out the table of contents for exactly what’s included in both courses with a full breakdown of each module. Weddings 101 has 4 Modules and Weddings 201 has 6.

Weddings 101 includes everything you need to know to launch a successful wedding photography business, but it is by no means an introductory course for beginners! It was designed for anyone with the desire to create stronger images, attract higher end clients, increase their revenue and find a better work-life balance. 

Module 1: Getting Started, gives you the framework to launch your business from scratch or how to reboot your current business if you feel creatively or financially stalled. 

Module 2: Creating Images You Love, starts the process of re-wiring your brain, teaching you to create purposeful and intentional imagery. It includes my brand new 30+ page Guide to Visual Language, which is an introduction to semiotics and 100 of my favorite Behind the Frame’s, a series where I use semiotics to dissect my images and pull back the curtain on exactly what went into making them (including many never before published or posted on instagram)! The Guide to Visual Language explains how to “read a frame” and use compositional tools like the fibonacci spiral and golden triangles to create incredible imagery. It also includes a guide to body language and how to utilize it in your posing to create more purposeful imagery that your clients will love. For those of you who prefer video to E-Guides, it also includes our More Than Pretty Tones video course, which is a companion video to the E-Guide and is a deep dive into thinking deeper about your imagery.

Module 3: The Business Basics, teaches you my pricing philosophy, outlining my pricing structure and gives you an easy to use plug-in pricing calculator you can use in excel or googlesheets to determine your pricing and create custom packages. This section also includes all the important reference docs you need to run your business including: What’s in my camera bag, sample timelines, my sample shot list, my Illustrated Shot List, and my Emergency Plan Template, which you can fill in to create a plan in case of emergencies outlining what you’d like to happen to your business. For example, if you get into a car accident the night before a wedding and are incapacitated in surgery- who takes over? Where can your loved ones find their contact information? And so many more vitally important questions to think through! This section also includes our Branding and Marketing 101, which teaches you how to attract your ideal client, the basics of getting published and how to break into luxury weddings.

Module 4: Introduction to Flat Lay Styling, is our famous best-selling course (which alone sells for $99 a la carte)! It is a one hour video that will take you through 10 foundational concepts of composition that you can use to create incredible flat lays, elevating your portfolio, increasing your chances of getting published 10-fold, and attracting that hard to reach luxury client. These compositional tools can be implemented in ALL your images, not just flat lays and will help in the training-your-brain process to intuitively create strong imagery.

Weddings 201 is our advanced masterclass that builds on all the foundational skills of 101 and helps you take them to the next level, skyrocketing your artistry and career.

Module 1: The Art of Wedding Photography, teaches the technical skills to make purposeful choices. Like using artificial lighting when the scenario calls for it, instead of defaulting to natural light, because it’s all you know. Where Module 2 in Weddings 101 teaches you to think philosophically about why you’re creating your images in a particular way and what message you’re conveying. Module 1 in Weddings 201, takes it a step further and empowers you with the toolkit of technical skills to create your dream images. This section goes over the differences between film and digital, the effect of different gear and lenses, how to manipulate light- both artificial and natural, photojournalism 101: how to craft a narrative and develop a story, the importance of consistency in defining your voice as an artist and my brand new guide to composition. 

Module 2: Guide to Editorial Posing, is our long awaited 100+ page posing guide! The guide is broken into 4 sections: starting with the introduction, which introduces the philosophy behind my posing. It teaches you to use my philosophy to create more impactful and emotional imagery, or create your own posing philosophy and still use my techniques to implement it! I also go over posing flow and how to make your clients feel confident in front of your lens. The following 3 sections are broken down into Singular Portraits (Bride alone and Groom alone), Couples Portraits (including lots of diversity in height, body type, and same sex couples), and Group Portraits (Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and full Wedding Party).

Module 3: Setting up Your Wedding Day for Success, is all about the systems and logistics that go on behind the scenes of your business from initial inquiry to final delivery. Where Module 3 in Weddings 101 shares all my essential wedding workflow documents, I take them a step further in 201 and explain exactly how I built them and how you can do the same using my model. It give you the tools to custom build a timeline and portrait shot list for your clients, detailing exactly what questions you should be asking them to get the information you need to do your best work, and how to educate them to set yourself up for success. It includes everything from educating your client on the pros and cons of a first look, to tackling family portraits and how to prepare and train your second shooter and/or assistant. I also include sections on my Pre-Wedding and Post-Wedding workflow that goes over everything from responding to an inquiry to combining film and digital files in your post-production. Plus it comes with customizable print-outs to keep yourself organized and make sure you don’t miss a step!

Module 4: Getting Published, teaches you how to shoot with an editorial edge and how to shoot for publications. In the editorial shooting section you’ll learn how to shoot stellar reception details by finding the hero angle and styling them to look their best through your lens. I go over how to create visual cohesion, crafting a narrative and creating a color story. How to create additional details and elevate your portfolio, making the most of any situation and attracting those high paying luxury clients. In the second section, we’ll go over all things publishing, including how to craft a great submission, how to decide what and where to submit, how to organize your submission and a few publication case studies, showing you exactly what I included in successful submissions to Martha Stewart, Brides and Style Me Pretty. I also give some expert submission write up tips and include a workbook with 5 fully editable PDF worksheets that you can use to organize your favorite publications, their submission specs and rules, my submission template, a template to help you with your submission write up, and a worksheet to keep track of the status of all your various submissions. Plus, I’ve included 5 lightroom templates you can use to easily organize your submissions and check for visual cohesion.

Module 5: Flat Lay Intensive, includes my FULL $750 Flat Lay Styling Video Course and a new, never before released E-Guide companion to the Introduction to Composition. This video course is comprised of 4 videos- my introduction to composition also found in Weddings 101 and three 90 minute courses on 1) Paper Styling (invitations, vow books, escort cards, etc.) 2) Bride & Groom Personals + Rings, 3) Cohesion: One Full Wedding Day of Cohesive Details. The courses feature a mix of lecture and overhead video footage of me styling over 100 flat lays, showing exactly what went into creating each one.

Module 6: Advanced Business Skills, consists of 3 sections- Pricing, Marketing, and Sales. The pricing section goes one step further than Module 3 of Weddings 101 and gives you the template to create your own metrics sheet and my in depth strategy for how to price your business for growth. We also go over how to create custom packages and the importance of the upsell. The second section will teach you how to identify and target your ideal client through your branding and social media. It includes fully editable worksheets and tips for how to write an artist's statement, how to command your goal “price tag” and earn your ideal salary, and how to create and curate your portfolio. The last section, sales, teaches you not just how to find your ideal clients, but how to close the sale! I go over the importance of referrals and my sales philosophy, which is “selling for the non-salesman.” Instead of coming off with a heavy sales pitch, I’ll teach you to subtly convince your client that you’re so talented and better than your competition that they’d be crazy not to work with you! I include fully editable worksheets to make the strategy your own and create a script to ace every interview.

I already own some of your courses, will this be redundant?

Absolutely not! While all of my old courses have been incorporated into Weddings 101 and 201, we’ve introduced SO much new content that we’ve been hard at work on for the last two years, but never made available till now. If you’ve already purchased one or more of our courses, please email us at help@rypweddingphotographyacademy.com, with a copy of your receipt(s) and exactly which courses you’ve purchased and we will send you a tiered discount code for our new masterclasses dependent on what you've already purchased. Please note, you must have purchased the course directly from us to be eligible for the discount, it is not available for courses purchased through any third party bundles. 

What exactly is in the masterclass? What does it look like when I buy it?

Great question! I created an “unboxing” video to show exactly what it looks like and I can’t wait to share it with you soon!
**Coming Soon**

Is there a payment plan?

Yes absolutely! You will be able to set up a payment plan for Weddings 101 and 201, just select it at checkout.

I gotta have it!!
Sign me up for the waitlist!!!

Some Q&A's about our upcoming Masterclass launch!