Rebecca Yale's
Wedding Photography Academy

If you could snap your fingers, I’d imagine you would… 

Have a thorough understanding of how to take incredible photos so heart-stopping that you’d have a calendar filled with your dream clients who happily pay your premium rates.

You’d feel confident charging more because you have the business know-how to back up every move you make—no more pricing guesswork or having to take on too much work and stretching yourself too thin!

But, right now, that feels impossible to have, doesn’t it?

Not anymore!

I can't wait to help you achieve your dreams!
Introducing the groundbreaking....

Weddings 101 &

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I created my masterclasses to empower every single photographer with the tools to become the very best wedding photographer YOU can be! For many years I had a single goal:

To be the BEST wedding photographer in the world!

It took me years to learn that "the best" isn't a quantifiable measurement. There's no such thing. The best is subjective. HOWEVER, we CAN and SHOULD each think we're the best. Because if you don't? You can fix it! I created these courses with the goal of helping every photographer reach their full potential so you can feel like the best version of YOU. 

By learning HOW we all read images, you will learn WHY we're universally drawn to certain photos. You'll learn WHY one image is stronger than another and HOW to easily create strong photographs yourself intuitively! You will learn to break images down, and just like a muscle, build them back up stronger. Turn Art into a Science! Empower yourself to take images you love with ease every time you click the shutter. And after you master the art of wedding photography, I'll teach you the equally important marketing and business tools to transform your career.

STOP tirelessly chasing down your ideal client and START attracting them to you.

Are you ready to create amazing photographs and manifest the career AND salary of your dreams?!

It's time to stop day dreaming and turn your dreams into your reality!

Are you ready to join me?

 201 Masterclasses


Here’s what you need:

📷 Hard photography skills for stronger images that your dream clients will swoon over.

📷 The marketing and branding skills to have your ideal clients clamoring over each other to work with you.

📷 Confidence to raise your prices, knowing you are pricing for profit.

📷 To invest in yourself for growth with an actual game plan that guarantees a return on your investment.

All of this (and so much more) is waiting for you inside my new masterclasses!

You’re about to ditch imposter syndrome, gain confidence, raise your prices, and break into the luxury market with a sense of authority.

Hi, I’m Rebecca yale!

Since childhood, I’ve dreamed of becoming a photographer and taking photos that mattered. Photos that would have a legacy and live on past me.

My passion led me to NYU where I studied photojournalism, fashion photography and aesthetic philosophy, focusing on photography's ability to mold the way we see the world.

After 20+ years of honing my craft, I am now an award-winning, internationally acclaimed photographer, named one of the Top Photographers in the world by Brides, Harper’s Bazaar, and Destination Weddings magazines, and have been featured in 100+ publications.

And now I'm on a mission to be a part of YOUR success story.

Now, it’s my turn to help YOU build the foundation for a career like mine!

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-Ralph Waldo Emerson